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Foxconn was elected after Trump, one of the first few publicly said to go to the United States to build a factory in. Apple, its biggest customer, is also the main target of the new US government for moving back to the United states.

in November last year, apple foundry Foxconn and Pegatron feasibility study in the United States the production of iPhone, iPad and other products. Foxconn was given a positive answer.

in January this year, Foxconn parent company Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou said, is considering a $7 billion investment in the United States to build a factory for the production of LCD screen. This will create 3-5 jobs for the United states. Apple is willing to inject a sum of money.

but Foxconn has now become hesitant.

3 1 on the opening ceremony of the new plant in Guangzhou, Foxconn, Terry Gou on their own to invest in the United States expressed concern.

he is worried that the Trump administration will not be able to solve all the problems associated with investment and construction in a matter of months. It also stressed that the United States lacks a sufficient number of skilled workers, the supply chain situation can not meet the requirements of local production of iPhone, iPad.

in China, the assembly of the iPhone plant is mainly in Foxconn's Zhengzhou Park, while iPad is responsible for the production of the factory in Chengdu.

" in order to attract and retain at least Foxconn, the Zhengzhou government has earmarked $1 billion 500 million subsidy for construction of large buildings and nearby staff quarters. In the first five years of Foxconn's settlement in the

, all the corporate tax and value added tax in Zhengzhou were exempted. Zhengzhou also lowered Foxconn to pay social security and other expenses payable employment level, the highest reduction amounted to $100 million a year.

now, Zhengzhou Foxconn can produce up to 500 thousand iPhone per day.

such a large subsidy is also mentioned in Terry Gou policy support.

although Trump talks and tax breaks. But he prefers to impose pressure on manufacturing companies with 35% import duties.

this policy does play a role.

at the beginning of January this year, Ford announced the cancellation of the plan to build a new plant in Mexico, ready to invest $700 million to expand the size of the Michigan factory. GM, TOYOTA and other auto giants are also more investment in the United States, to reduce the expansion plan in Mexico.

in the face of such a policy, the lack of resistance.

but another question Terry Gou mentions is the actual. The United States may not be able to provide enough labor.

according to public figures in 2012, the total number of Foxconn Zhengzhou plant has 280 thousand, while the main production of iPad Chengdu plant has a population of 110 thousand. More than 90% of them are general assembly line workers and lower level managers.

Foxconn recruiting staff when the request is not high, do not need to grasp the complex skills.

according to its recruitment information, the workers on the assembly line is generally divided into two kinds of ordinary workers and technical workers. Without any experience in general from the fourth month can get a comprehensive salary 3800-4500 yuan (including overtime), the technology industry just 300-600 yuan subsidy.

the same position, the United States is roughly 4 times the income of local workers in china. But a iPhone gross profit of more than $300, the assembly costs only $4.5. Faced with the threat of import tax, apple can accept such a cost increase.

if Foxconn wants to build a factory in the United States with the same size as Zhengzhou, it looks like only 280 thousand people on it.

but in fact the number needed is much higher.

boring assembly line work can not keep people. According to a senior executive at Foxconn, the average monthly turnover rate at the Foxconn plant is about 5%.

that is to say that one year will go 60% of employees. To maintain the size of the factory, need to recruit so many people instead. Although this figure

one hundred years ago, just invented the assembly line of the Ford plant (once as high as 378%) is much lower, but also higher than today's U.S. supermarket Costco a year high of ten times.

these expensive factories will not only open for one or two years. An initial size of 280 thousand iPhone plant, if the operation for ten years, the need to hire a total of 1 million 960 thousand people.

" after the victory of World War II, the United States through decades of globalization have resource intensive and labor-intensive enterprises spread all over the world.

compared to 1955 and in the United States, the largest number of employees in the top five companies in the industry will be more intuitive in 2013.

1955 =''>

is now the 5 largest, in addition to IBM are catering, supermarkets and courier service companies. The largest WAL-MART employs about 1 million 300 thousand people in the United States and employs about 1% of the U.S. population, but they are distributed throughout the country.

although the Foxconn assembly line has no technical requirements, but in the United States gathered in the city of millions of assembly line labor is really difficult.

in addition to Foxconn itself huge population size requirements. Moving the iPhone or iPad assembly plant to the United States is also involved in an extremely complex supplier system.

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