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no matter what, for the children to eat, parents are always more seriously. In order to allow the child to eat a little more, and sometimes even full staff.

is eating too little is likely to keep up the development of malnutrition, but have not thought about, eat more, there is no problem? "

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especially for in the period can not speak baby, because they only way to express demand is to cry, so, can quickly calm the baby "tactics" - feeding, became many parents favored. Sometimes it is called

, which is the most scientific "on-demand feeding method".

but in fact, this kind of "cry to feed" type of feeding method, is likely to lead to excessive feeding of children, so as to bring TA no small trouble.

, a cry to feed and on-demand feeding

many parents think the baby crying is hungry, need immediate feeding. In fact, a lot of babies crying, but hunger would cry, scared, wet diapers, want to hold or to activities, will cause the crying.

so parents have to learn to observe the baby's judgment is really what is the demand, and then targeted to meet the TA, rather than as long as the baby cried to feed. But

on-demand feeding sometimes deviation, such as a mother will find the baby 2 times at very short time interval, there is always a demand for the breast every time like to eat like.

this is the case, there are 3 main reasons:

your baby sucking posture is not correct, do not eat enough milk.

your milk too long, tired to sleep, but soon he woke up.

your time is too short or too thin breast feeding.

this requires careful observation of the mother, found in the presence of breast-feeding problems, and to correct, in order to improve the nursing technology.

two, excessive feeding harm

in many people's eyes, like a big fat guy is the best state, Meng Meng Da love. So, in order to be able to grow a little better, the family always want the child to eat more, eat a little more. But

, eat more and grow faster, but it will cause the child obesity may also bring harm to many other aspects to the child, for example,

will increase the baby's digestive organs of

especially 0-6 months baby, all the organs are in an immature stage, digestive enzymes secreted by the digestive system the organ activity is relatively low, the amount is relatively small.

under the physiological conditions, if excessive feeding, digestive organs will aggravate the burden of work, cause digestive malabsorption.

may cause diarrhea over feeding makes baby nutrition intake too much to digest, which appeared in the case of diarrhea, so parents should control the intake of benign baby.

easily lead to brain fatigue

to digest too much food, the digestive tract is bound to expand, and a limited amount of blood and oxygen transfer from the head to the digestive tract, the brain cells will cause temporary ischemia.

so the more you eat, the more blood you need for your stomach, the less your blood supply to the brain.

can lead to the development of motor ability backward

over feeding will cause the baby to be fatter than peers.

and obesity will lead to awkward, do not love sports, the climb climb, the station does not stand, and exercise capacity, physical consumption decreased while feeding amount is too small, not reduce it, will be more and more fat, vicious spiral, more and more lazy.

three, eat not eat, hungry baby

judgment skills is not enough, excessive feeding is also The loss outweighs the gain. Therefore, how to determine whether the baby to eat through observation, it is necessary to master the basic skills of a mother.

1, observe the baby stool

generally speaking, the baby every day urine wet (wet) more than 6 diapers, indicating that the amount of breast milk is 6, the baby is full.

your general stool every day about 3 to 6 times the normal range. If the baby is not full, defecate frequency will be reduced, or even a thin, greenish or more but less from each situation.

2, look at the reaction of

after feeding your baby as the baby to quiet sleep more than 3 hours, until the next time the former nurse is crying, that he has had enough to eat.

if your baby long time refused to release the mother nipple, or get a again to nipple spit out crying, and weight growth is slow, that is not full.

3, look at the baby's weight and height growth rate of

0-3 months of the baby, the monthly weight gain of 1 kg, height growth of about 4 cm, indicating that the baby is basically satisfied. If your

weight is not ideal, it may be fed breast milk is not enough, or the wrong way, need the guidance of a doctor. If the weight grows too fast, you may say.

in addition, there are some methods such as observation, listen to Mommy breast changes amount of swallowing sound, baby eat baby milk powder and so on, can also determine whether the baby is full.

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