Pregnant women wear radiation suit useful? 7 food easy radiation

Food pregnant women radiation suits useful

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pregnant women how to prevent radiation? Many mothers have been trying to find a way to prevent radiation, and even buy radiation protection clothing. So the pregnant woman to wear radiation protection suit?.

with a wide variety of electronic products, pregnant women how to prevent radiation has become a top priority event. In particular, often playing mobile phones, sitting in front of the computer industry mom. Below teach how to teach pregnant women radiation.

radiation damage to pregnant women

first, the radiation for the harm of pregnant women themselves

radiation for pregnant women's influence on pregnant women is the first to bring their own influence. Data show that the health of young people and half is unable to bear the radiation dose of 4 of the goray. Mild radiation can cause nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fever and other symptoms, and the serious nuclear radiation will not only cause the symptoms, the incidence of speed, will cause of human internal chemical environment caused serious damage, cancer and even death.

second, the effect of

radiation on fetal data show that radiation impact on children than adults, the radiation effect is more severe for the fetus, the fetus in utero, is in a critical period of growth and development, cell division is more complicated if, by radiation, cells in the automatic repair of injury is more likely to cause fetal malformation or even wrong.

pregnant women to wear radiation suit?

does not need, in the early pregnancy, the cumulative radiation dose to the fetus to reach 5-10Rad is likely to lead to a significant increase in the incidence of fetal birth defects. radiation to the radiological examination of the most common cases, single abdominal X-ray examination of fetal exposure to radiation dose is 100mRad, which is said to take 50 consecutive radiation dose of abdominal X-ray will likely reach harm the fetus.

whether pregnant women should wear radiation protection clothing, it is one of the ways.

below about pregnant women radiation protection method.


is not high body fat intake by radiation easily after loss of appetite, poor taste, the total supply of fat should be decreased, but the need to increase the proportion of vegetable oil, oleic acid which can promote hematopoietic regeneration system function, prevention and treatment of radiation damage effect.

2. energy supply should be adequate

pregnant women radiation suit to eat what to eat grains, protein food. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy needed by the body, once the intake is insufficient, it will result in the relative lack of protein, thus affecting the repair of radiation damaged tissue, or to increase the radiation damage. carbohydrate supply is the best fructose, glucose followed by sucrose. Insufficient intake of protein may cause tissue protein synthesis, leading to muscle, liver and kidney, spleen weight, dysfunction, and increased sensitivity to radiation, mothers should pay attention to high quality protein intake amount.

3." to add more vitamin

in prevention and treatment of some natural foods on radiation injury of tissue repair and radiation injury has a significant effect, should pay attention to proper supply in the diet, such as cabbage, beans, kelp, laver etc..

4. do not have a long time at the back of the computer

radiation is very large, so pregnant women try not to stay in the computer for a long time behind. and, usually at home can be a number of radiation protection of plants or their own anti radiation clothing, there is a certain radiation effect.


Vegetable & Fruit eat pregnant women can also eat some fruit radiation. Eat more fresh Vegetable & Fruit can make the electromagnetic field in floc chaos to regulate normal, but also conducive to ease the electromagnetic wave radiation to the human body. Of course, pregnant women don't drink too much tea.

pregnant women eat what radiation?

, lycopene rich foods, lycopene is an antioxidant vitamins, lycopene is one of the strongest antioxidant activity of carotenoids, lycopene has strong scavenging free radicals effect, can reduce the body disease, promote cardiovascular health, anti-aging. Lycopene is also one of the elements with anti radiation effect. The food was the most lycopene

life with tomato as the most, followed by watermelon, grapes, tomatoes and other red content in fruit lycopene is very rich, so for those who are often in the radiation environment should be appropriate to eat a little more.

two, a food rich in vitamin A, vitamin A is a necessary material for the human body, which is to protect vision, improve vision are of great help. especially for the front of the computer often mothers should be appropriate to add vitamin A and more food, such as spinach, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and so is one of the A foods rich in vitamin.

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