The four wheeled motorcycle with what to sell the about one million?

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" Hello, I am a steady man, work often find a lot of fish, but writing driver.

the first time, steady brother occasionally a news on the fish when:

million super run hit the truck and pedestrian deaths


[reason is probably a store clerk in Chongqing modified debugging vehicles, because the driving level can't handle this monster, so he lost his life. This car is in the

KTM X-BOW, by the two Austria motorcycle brand KTM development trot. I believe that many of the minority sports car has an understanding of people have heard of the "legend". Video surveillance

this X-BOW accident soon spread over various WeChat group, but the strange thing is, everyone's shocked point neither the driver does not have any safety protection measures, it is not the vehicle which belongs to the ultra running club, but

completely useless this car had to sell about one million


expensive? Really Laogui, about 1 million 390 thousand dealers offer enough for a football. Beijing Sanlitun pickup standard Benz G level, the minimum is only 1 million 320 thousand.

" (Benz G350, title from: YouTube)

however, if can see KTM to create those high-end configuration used by X-BOW, excluding the price about one million dealers in profits, import taxes, the KTM X-BOW is a great speed toys.

this is a time to test the driving technology of super running

2008 years, Austria motorcycle manufacturer KTM at the Geneva auto show released X-BOW, which is the only time KTM has been involved in the car.

has always been, KTM is a high-performance motorcycle manufacturers known to the world. At present, KTM's production of 9 series of motorcycles, including off-road vehicles, road vehicles and sports cars of the three types, but also the Dakar rally champion favorite brand.

" (photo: Pinterest

KTM) in the two round of world harvest praise, also let people have more expectations for its sports car. 08 years of stunning appearance proved that if you want to buy a pure enough sports car, the KTM is one of the best choices.

to buy around the car audio, can not buy advanced driver assistance but

can buy the real car

to KTM X-BOW despite the legal road housing cover enough, but a discerning eye can be found, it is in reach on the legal bottom line "more than" X-BOW, throw away the unnecessary loads at the same time, with a pure sports car should be configured. The

KTM X-BOW using single type carbon fiber structure in the cockpit, so reduce the curb weight at the same time, also provides sufficient strength and protection for members of the car. X-BOW setup the lightest weight only 790 kg.

" (X-BOW chart, photo: Pinterest

and F1) for motorcycle road car to

ideas made fierce and difficult to lose weight

, X-BOW also made a lot of sacrifice: the physical characteristics of

single type carbon fiber determines the cockpit the X-BOW may not have the door . The driver and passengers want to import, can only rely on a big legs across the cabin, love to wear a skirt, basically no chance with this car.

and to ceiling windows? How could that be?. Well, the windshield and roof is there, but only X-BOW GT a car, but the ceiling only when the auxiliary, slightly run a little faster to blow away. Shanghai has passed the owner Zhou Libo has lost a few.

" (a black roof is the ceiling, photo: Pinterest

) in the year 50% of the time is Chinese South

of this design is the rainy season as far as possible castration off zhaochou

not only the roof and windows, interior and No. But KTM is to provide an extension of the stent, you can install navigation and reversing image. In general, the interior of the KTM X-BOW is simple, but not simple.

all can reduce the weight lose, this is only done in 50%, X-BOW became a legend of the other 50% magic weapon, is a strong power and no comfort at all driving experience.

currently has a total of 3 models X-BOW R, X-BOW RR and X-BOW GT X-BOW. The R is equipped with a 2.0T 4 cylinder Audi engine, can output 300 horsepower and peak torque of 400 nm, 100 km accelerated to 3.9

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