36 years to do the same thing, Li Dongsheng's dream of the legendary big coffee industry


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last night, CCTV financial channel "meet the big coffee" ushered in a yong forefront of thirty years, is still in the forefront of the fight entrepreneur &mdash — Li Dongsheng. Society is now doing the same thing for 20 years of struggle has not seen, he insisted on this road for 36 years in the industry, in the development to a certain height, have the opportunity to become a mayor, he chose to give up; in the real estate industry high profit period but he will be a trend which cannot be halted, cause in the end. Behind these seemingly people cannot read, in fact, is a business leader has feelings for the cause of not forget the early heart.

as the National People's Congress, Li Dongsheng is beneficial to the people's livelihood suggestions, as chairman of TCL group, CEO, representative of China industry, he led TCL through countless days and nights, but the achievements of the TV business of global shipments ranked first, third of the world's China proud achievements.

he used to stick to a lifetime to revitalize the real economy. Front of acquaintances, he is younger brother in front of him. All the time, what you see is only his success on the surface, which is Li Dongsheng's nature and persistence.

" to learn English, do endorsements, seek innovation, seeking transformation, embrace change today

Li Dongsheng stressed that industrial power dream has been, in Li Dong under the leadership of TCL from a small business river, consumer electronics giant international growth China, creating a precedent for international business entities. In this process, he learned English, do endorsements, seeking innovation, seeking transformation, more than thirty years, he has been embracing change.

in order to let more people know about TCL, Li Dongsheng has been practicing English, "meet" big coffee records Li Dongsheng participated in the CES show in the United States, with fluent English to communicate with former French Prime Minister Fillon, introduced the TCL business in europe. Fillon asked in the occasion, Li Dongsheng stressed that the TCL from Chinese, is now in the international arena by China manufacturing forte. With fluent English, "img_box

Li Dongsheng introduced to former French Prime Minister Fillon Chinese brand

25 years ago, the first time to participate in the U.S. consumer electronics show, TCL or by a Hongkong company's booth, put some TCL products. Is set foot on the international stage. And now more than and 20 years later, TCL not only to carry out international business, but as early as 2014 on the one hundred billion club, overseas revenue accounted for up to 47%. Over the past 20 years, Chinese enterprises have made rapid progress and become an important force in the field of consumer electronics.

TCL's achievements are also the result of Li Dongsheng's embrace of change. In the active restructuring and Li Dongsheng change, TCL breaks through the traditional manufacturing industry in the original business model, the Internet thinking construct "intelligent product + Internet application service system, from product management to user centric operations. With a new business model, driven by the consumer demand and change.

at the same time, Li Dongsheng continued to promote the transformation of TCL enterprises, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of China's overall industry. In 2009, Li Dongsheng argued, initiated the 8.5 generation LCD panel production line project of — — Huaxing Power, increase the China in the upstream industry's competitiveness, promote the consumption structure optimization of electronic information industry Chinese; Huaxing Power Industrial Upgrading with the new generation of information technology, the formation of "smart made" system, efficiency and profitability the world's leading; the future, Huaxing Power will continue to increase the construction, in the construction of the G11 project will further promote the upgrading of consumption, laid the foundation for future competition.

G11" project planning renderings

proved innovation TCL is correct, as of 2016, TCL TV shipments ranked third in the world, become China enterprises for the first time into the global 20 million Club; in the period from 2016 1 to November, smart TV sales exceeded 10 million units, year-on-year growth reached 58.2%; the global multicast service created by the TCL cumulative number of active users exceeded 10 million, the number of broadcast over 15 million. As

Li Dongsheng's classic words "only fear of storms, adhere to the industry, in order to prop up the backbone of Chinese economy, greater TCL under his leadership is a step to do.

work tired but also out of time with the 107 year old grandmother, true filial

TCL can have today's development, and Li Dongsheng is inseparable to the "industrial nation" feelings.

is known to all, China's manufacturing business is facing a difficult transition, in order to adapt to this kind of reform, only in spirit to do a good job of preparation, playing the actual combat to be more fighting. Li Dongsheng had his men's senior team engaged in Gobi hundred kilometers on foot, the process is difficult to go on his four days and three nights in Gobi, hope that through this experience, out of all the potential, find a completely different yourself.

with Ge line to stimulate the team's potential energy

mental toughness also let Li Dongsheng in the face

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