Taiwan Army fighters shooting without informing the fishermen fishing in the waters range bomb falling edge

Aircraft range Taiwan fishing boats

tengxunjunshi· 2017-03-14 11:32:28

data figure: Taiwan F-16 fighter

China Taiwan news network March 14th Taiwan air force from yesterday (13 days) for five days in Penghu flower grass island reef island near the target field of aircraft bombing exercises, but the report only the relevant authorities such trouble, not to send ships or fishermen broadcast advocate in the exercise area alert, causing some fishing boats on the morning of 13 unknowingly still went to work, the bomb hit the cement xianzao drop from the clouds. Frightened to flower island Yan surname fishermen criticized the military life! "

according to Taiwan media reports, Yan surname fishermen said, 13 on the morning of eight pm and son driving the boat to the sea, fishing in the pond outside the South East Sea grass island. Suddenly the sky clouds came within the aircraft roaring sound, saw a huge bomb hit the South pond directly drop from the clouds, on the stone, and then burst into loud sparks rolled into the sea. The two men and their work near seven beautiful boat after seeing the frightened, fortunately did not explode.

air cavalry public base service team captain Colonel Li Hanqiang stressed that the air force has issued in accordance with procedures of shooting training report to "coast guard", "fishery department", "Civil Aviation Administration" and "air harbor bureau and other units. Because the cement bomb does not explode, it is not sent to guard the ship.

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