How to solve the problem of lack of goals and standards for startups?


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there are problems, find experts! Experts and a top two!

Add: Company has just started, and the target system are not perfect, listen to everyone's views, what is the focus of start-ups management, is to establish and perfect the system, or sales, or obtain internal and external resources?   how to solve the problem of lack of goals and standards of startups? Management should focus on what?

today Expert 1:

margin-bottom: 10px; border: 0px; line-height: 26px; "> start-ups if the market at the beginning of this model is more mature, it will need to do a market survey according to their annual design goals (sales budget, personnel budget, cost control, profit forecast etc.) reference the development of Target Corp speed launch every quarter, every month for a year to consider the industry, season and other effects to Prime fine-tuning is identified in the first year of development planning;

if it is the emerging field of entrepreneurial companies, can according to the number of available funds, management and control of all aspects of cost and cost to ensure company in normal blood transfusion before the living status, behind only can talk about healthy living.

Two: experts today  

don't know you are a founder or partners or employees? Different positions of thinking problems are often very different. As the saying goes: ass decided to head. Style= margin-bottom: "10px border:; 0px line-height:; 26px

first, I suggest you with your company founders and other partner openly talk about. After all, the internal unity for a start-up company, it is a decisive factor. Style= margin-bottom: "10px border:; 0px line-height:; 26px

if you don't know your goal, my answers and experts who friends as if it is in a relatively mature industry, you can according to the market and the target company make short-term, mid-term and long-term goals; and if it is an emerging industry. It can only be according to your own funds to ensure survival. Style= margin-bottom: "10px border:; 0px

for example, AirBnb actually started the business before, the two founders even went to sell pizza. No way, you are now entering the Colosseum, to develop, the premise is to survive. Style= margin-bottom: "10px border:; 0px line-height:; 26px

click on "read the text" can be: your wonderful views and view other answer. Style= text-align:center "

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How to solve the problem of lack of goals and standards for startups?


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