We invited eight very cattle people, to talk to you about this little thing

Small workplace carbines Wang Anshi reform

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" a lot of friends love to watch "dove Dove" on the "BAN records" column, short historical stories, often hit everyone's "key".

yes, history is a mirror.

, for example, recently we just catch the "great Qin Empire", it is said that there are full of workplace learning!

said, "we BAN records" was called "the Sima gun", also believe that everyone has long grok.

said he had told Sima Qian what origin, he often only smiled but did not reply.

said his motto is "Bing guns, taking history as a mirror", so called "Sima".

this gun actually has been very popular, anyway, a lot of big management consulting agencies, want to invite him to lecture, have to queue up. This is not

, dove school relationship with him or iron, pull him to give you a lesson.

this course is called "the first eight lessons in the workplace". Why do you want to take this course? Because in the "Dove", a lot of young people coming into the workplace, just a few months to go from the mysterious campus arena.

, as we have just said, history is a mirror of reality.

people in the past is how to do, even if only a little inspiration to you, your career path will have unlimited possibilities.

which is a good place to teacher Sima gun.

so, there's only one thing to do. Open our APP "College", "Curriculum", enter the registration channel, waiting for the start of March 29th.

program directory here, please:

first: Yuan Shikai: promotion salary not luck

second: Wang Anshi reform office: what people have < /p>

section third: Sun Zhongshan: "bad" achievement of personal brand

section fourth: Kennedy: posts only by Yan

value what section fifth: four Chishui: have patience to become a major event

sixth: Putin: as long as you don't always confused down in section seventh of

: Han Xizai banquet map: be careful, the company has eighth sections: Spy

Su: talk, every day:

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