Chen Xu Jing how to stop tearing open?

Break up Chen Xu Jing to

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our nation has a history of bloody, that is, you must not give me down, I kneel down to you, not everyone can stand out.

Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (text / Xu Yunze)

imperceptibly, Miss Xu Jing Layla has made headlines and focus their own, a group of diving photos show build, with six pieces of ABS to sketch "I live very well thank you". Although, she is also a model of tourism reporters, the contents of exposure is personal life in the meaning of the title, but from time to time on the headlines, always let people feel behind with a certain rhythm, many people think that she has signed a brokerage firm, Xu Jing to debut the news is coming too many times. If so, this game was such a long line neither too fast nor too slow, do not know, want to catch big fish.

" but both flow and rhythm is not own, "Chen ex-wife" label is unavoidable, sometimes maybe the media unrequited love, and sometimes may be "brokers" strategy, and there are times when I will come to help Chen a loudspeaker, let some people don't "consumption in the past", so discerning said, this is not your consumption in the past?

has been very curious, Chen, Zhang Zixuan, Xu Jing these people are not always in the limelight, why is the flow of play. The separation, divorce, was torn with vigour and vitality such as Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong, after tearing the such as Huang Yi Huang Yiqing, Ge Yunjie Wang Feng unilaterally tore, even to this day Liu Xiang Ge, only half a foot into the entertainment circle, at least have torn face blood; Chen, Zhang, Xu three of this a, both quite lukewarm, neither thoroughly discredited, nor is there any real amazing hammer, how are breaking up happy, their flying, occasionally bless each other, occasionally in the injury to men inflicted by evil persons, love story, hardcore incandescence plot era, no reason has been so hot.

this question, take a look at the views of the parties each time the comments of the Internet users, the truth can be a little closer to the point. People undaunted debate, is still the responsibility Chen Xu Jing to break up this "case", if possible, must find out that "the only responsibility". After all, this is a "third", "derailed", "betrayal" of these words related to the story. The

such as the above mentioned, the responsibility is clear about, Ma Rong is bad, Huang Yiqing is crazy, Ge Yunjie is neuropathy, Liu Xiang Ge day might not be what good, after simple division, directly open the curse, curse a curse, meet, Jin son also passed. But Chen, Zhang Xu Sanren, a detective, as if still pending, in addition to maintaining various fans not wishful thinking what logic, the real situation in the end who is sorry? There must be a person responsible, otherwise, to tear it forever.

almost the same thing, think of Chen Yao and Ling Xiaosu. Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong events like a raging fire, the intolerable masses from Wang Ma to Yao Ling battlefield battlefield, take the relationship also dig out re identification, in the end who bitch? Chen Yao rare from his position, "put up with" responsible person is Ling Xiaosu. But the results of the public opinion investigators also showed that Yao Chencai is the man who derailed. The murderer not settled, will be out a case for retrial trial, rather than simply scolded, the national detective story is obviously more interesting. Chen Xu Jing of this caused the big discussion, also belong to this category.

our nation has a very important historical tradition, that is, not bloody, must you give me down, I kneel down to you, not everyone can stand out. Live in a society, threatened by growing crises besieged on all sides are probably very tired heart, if you can watch TV as a child, simply to recognize who is good, who is bad, that this is good. So, every relationship to ferret out the only responsible person, who is the male who is a slut, slag, who knelt down, the world is at peace.

how can I get that clear?. So, Chen Xu Jing, let alone those clear words, do not love to see people over age. You still come to admit in the end who is on the part responsible for it, or Zhang Zixuan to stand up for love when the mistress said similar like the truth, and then keep your ex husband burst point material! Only to qualitative, media to write the manuscript at ease, netizens is good for the next moment ah.

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