His son was sitting in economy class air Hongkong cold response

Son airport passport epic

wangyiyule· 2017-03-14 19:12:38

3 13 at 9 pm, the four son of He Youjun He Hongshen's epic release micro-blog said he and friends the opportunity to suffer unfair treatment. Micro-blog reads as follows:

, I do not know what I did today is right or wrong, but I'm sure Hongkong airlines, in my heart into a force of service providers. My buddy and business partner by Hongkong airlines, due to passport falls cannot enter on the plane, repeatedly turned harbor, aidabuli. Attitude is extremely poor, because is the economy? We have waited at the airport seat until the airport overnight?? a managers recognize me, was told to return the original lost Hongkong passport within 10 minutes to find! Sadly, to every one who is not treated fairly. "

Lawrence ho Kwan micro-blog.

Lawrence ho Kwan micro-blog pictures.

Lawrence ho Kwan micro-blog pictures.

for this matter, Hongkong Airlines official micro-blog 14 PM release on the very powerful response, the content is as follows:

3 month on the morning of 14, this is still finishing the activities of the mysterious tour of flying pigs. Suddenly the background of a few @ my micro-blog, go in to see the original is a lost passport delayed one night and then second days to recover the experience.

is a little curious, because the guests are more restrained in the language. If the change is less experienced at the airport, the boat of friendship must be turned over, hum!

but before I heard the whole story, I'd like to apologize to the guest. This for anyone feel stuck!

through communication, relatively complete as follows:

1. guests and his party on the HX234 ride from Hongkong to Pudong, the weather is good, 23:18 landed in Pudong airport. The weather is late.

2. is the 807 seat aircraft parked far, about 23:30 on the passenger car to open the door, in the cabin cleaning started around 23:45.

3, a guest to the border, only to find the friend's passport is lost, we seek to help confirm whether left in the cabin.

4. in accordance with the process, the guests can not return to the cabin to find lost objects. Our staff immediately contacted the cleaning team and the airport for our on-site command TRC, when feedback did not find the remains of the passengers.

5. strange! Do not take wings to itself! Because

6. is the apron, our staff is unable to find the gate, only to give up, and two days to assist in arranging vehicle maintenance. The morning of the second day

7. 6:45, the airport Entry Frontier again on the PVG mobile phone on duty asked lost passport issues, our staff also contact the vehicle for maintenance assistance, help find boarding.

8. after searching, finally found in front of the 60E seat seat pocket magazine, an American passport, tears! Hidden so deep, this little colleagues to escape the chamber of secrets should be able to try 100 customs clearance.

9.7:30 back to the guests, 7:45 entry border smooth passage.

so, that's the whole thing. Specifically asked the other side of Shanghai colleagues, they sent back from the 23:18 to the second day of the night 7:30 passport, always did not know what their identity.

finally regret to the guest and his friends bring inconvenience, no matter who it is, let the guests at the airport so anxious and helpless to wait a long time, is not the less the style of ~

in addition, remember to do some special reminder:

1, after the travel must be especially careful not to put the passport holder in the magazine! Is a fan of many turn to the brother sister certainly possession, that really can not come back;

2, about the missing items, we will be on the line of a machine on the lost goods query system, the official app and official website can query, if a similar incident, passengers can log search;

3, any one the satisfaction of passengers, all our service there is room for improvement, we cherish every passenger, I hope every one of you have a wonderful journey.

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