Emphasize again! Do not give children play with the phone, a group of data to tell you the consequences!

Data children mobile phone consequence

taipingyangqinziwang· 2017-03-15 01:35:37

" we first consider this set of data:

children see 20 minutes continuous projection

child vision average down to 10.4 degrees of myopia

break-up time averaged 6.3 seconds (tear break-up time of its normal value is 15-45 seconds, less than 10 seconds for the sick)

average blink 12.67 times per minute for 20 minutes to play iphone

child child vision average down to 43.8 degrees of myopia

break-up time averaged 5.3 seconds

average blink 7.67 times per minute for 20 minutes to play ipad

children Rong>

children average visual acuity dropped to 41.7 degrees of myopia

break-up time averaged 5 seconds

average blink 4.67 times per minute for 20 minutes watching the children


child vision average down to 18.8 degrees of myopia

tear film breakup time averaged 6.7 seconds

per minute blink 9 times,

" parents how to deal with "mobile phone control" and "Ipad control" of the child? The provisions of


time, there are many executives punished

of the Silicon Valley for a foul, including Jobs, they will limit their children use of digital products, such as the prohibition of their use of digital products in the non weekend evening and weekend, can use the digital products is also very limited time.

we believe that children play electronic products, whether it is strictly prohibited to overindulge or are not rational, grasp the sense of propriety is the correct practice. Parents can give children prescribed time to play, such as every time not more than half an hour, if the return on time next time you can play, if this is not returned on time next time did not have to play, in accordance with the rules to do, the child will slowly accustomed to obey.


to divert attention when children want to play electronic products or is not stopped, parents can transfer the child's attention, such as the use of toys to attract children, or children with a family game, tell interesting stories to the children, with children or children with painting, go out for a walk to the park, are all good attention transfer method.

children are addicted to playing electronic products, a big reason is because no one to accompany the play, or parents with less, or even parents to give their children the initiative to provide electronic nanny caused by.


example by parents before the child is born, they do not know what is the mobile phone, Ipad, because the parents are always on the side to play, so the curious children want to see what is to attract parents object, then they will learn the way parents here to make sure there, according to, gradually attracted by the novelty. Because parents are in use, the child will want to play will tend to be more intense.

want children to play less electronic products, parents role model is particularly important. Therefore, after coming home from work, parents, please put your cell phone and Pad, etc., to accompany the child to play and play, this is the best way to quit the child this addiction.

emphasizes again! Do not give children play with the phone, the consequences are really serious!

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