Fluctuations in the exchange rate triggered sea Amoy industry reshuffle

Exchange rate RMB depreciation free trade zone

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: customer in Lanzhou comprehensive bonded area in the center of imported goods exhibition experience stores to buy goods pictures

Archduke finance March 15th report (reporter Tan Xiao) last year, the central parity of RMB devaluation of 6.83%, and the exchange rate volatility is increasing. There are people scouring the sea, after the devaluation of the renminbi, the same imported goods purchase costs continue to increase, profit margins are compressed. But there are export companies, said the devaluation of the RMB can stimulate exports. Some experts have pointed out that although the depreciation of the RMB cross-border electricity supplier to form a certain impact, but to provide cross-border electricity supplier in Europe and America exports, which means that profit increases, and may even lead to more sea Amoy practitioners. Under the downward pressure on the RMB exchange rate, there are cross-border electricity supplier platform to use free trade zone, the larger foreign exchange reserves and other ways to deal with devaluation.

, director of the China Electronic Commerce Research Center online retail division, senior analyst Mo Daiqing seems, the impact of foreign exchange rate changes on the electricity supplier is quite deep. For businesses, profit margins will be compressed.

famous economist Song Qinghui has said that since last year's tax deal came out, the formation of a certain impact on cross-border electricity supplier, mainly reflected in the decline in trading volume, etc.. Today, the RMB stumble endlessly, will affect the import and export of cross-border goods trade, commodity procurement costs will rise further.

fast consumer goods prices rose the most significant

reporter found in a number of cross-border electricity supplier, compared to last year and last year's electricity supplier products, it is easy to find the price of imported products rose. The sea Amoy practitioners Sun Haiwen said, some cross-border electricity providers often take users first orders, then the platform mode of procurement, because the price is unchanged, the change of exchange rate is a direct result of the purchase price is high, so the electricity supplier profit space is compressed natural.

Sun Haiwen specifically mentioned that the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on FMCG is most obvious, but FMCG is often large sales, low gross profit, high price sensitivity. Therefore, since the devaluation of the renminbi, to milk powder, diapers as the representative of the fastest rising prices of imported consumer goods.

for large sea Amoy platform, in the case of adequate foreign exchange reserves, strong bargaining power and a longer order cycle can help these large platforms withstand the downward pressure on the exchange rate under certain circumstances. But in the market bearish sentiment against the background of the renminbi, many cross-border electricity supplier is also on the financial, procurement and warehousing, etc..

topped the rankings in 2016 China cross-border electricity supplier Tmall said, because the majority of businesses are in the bonded area, so the commodity price and in a short time will not be affected by exchange rate fluctuations. This cooperation with the bonded area has become a way, such as jumei.com, little red book and other large cross-border electricity providers choose to deal with devaluation of the way people.

NetEase koala through large foreign exchange reserves for procurement. Therefore, NetEase koala has made it clear that the impact of devaluation of the purchase cost is not large.

attract more people to join the export electricity supplier

in fact, the exchange rate fluctuations are not limited to the RMB market. For example, last year, the British accident off Europe will cause a significant reduction in the pound, relatively speaking, the appreciation of the renminbi is. Engaged in cross-border trade in electricity supplier in the UK, said Sun Jiayi, the same day he operated on the platform, the single rate from Chinese buyers rose two times the previous day, the remainder.

although the dollar is strong, but not all places with the dollar. 'Amoy' than the 'United States Amoy' more cost-effective, consumers can go to the exchange rate of RMB more favorable countries and regions of the sea amoy. Sun Jiayi said. Similarly, Amazon China in the last year by the Chinese site and the world's multiple sites docking, guide consumers to choose the appropriate shopping site according to the exchange rate of the sea amoy.

export cross-border electricity supplier, the devaluation is a good news. Song Qinghui said that the provision of cross-border electricity supplier in Europe and the United States in general the use of dollar accounting, RMB settlement, after the RMB exchange rate decline, but can earn a higher profit. He even predicted that there may be more people engaged in the export of cross-border electricity supplier business.

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