315 mobile phone satisfaction survey: Apple was made to catch up with the domestic machine

Apple mobile phone domestic machine satisfaction

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[] mobile phone mobile phone Chinese Research Center Chinese last year in 3.15 during the launch "everyone on the mobile phone user experience" large polling activities, to the 450 thousand data in more than half a month of time to collect, analysis results show that the use of mobile phone users to their products overall praise degree is only 30%, it reached 20% degrees. 3.15 this year, mobile phone Chinese started again "everyone on the mobile phone", in a week's time to collect nearly 140 thousand data, a new analysis shows that compared to last year, the mobile phone users for the brand satisfaction has been greatly improved.

one, how to ensure the authenticity of the evaluation data?

is the same as last year's survey, the survey is still only for mobile phone end users, designed to understand the user's real feedback on the phone is being used. China Mobile touch screen version (m.cnmo.com) to participate in the vote, the most important thing is that the user can not be used to change the phone brand model, to ensure the authenticity of the evaluation data.

315 "mobile phone mobile phone Chinese everyone on the" four options offered by survey

two, mobile phone users reached an all-time high of

brand satisfaction survey: "1, good 666, very powerful", "2, OK, daily operation pressure" and "3, not bad, I am also very helpless," "4, thin blue letinous edodes, immediately put the new machine". After the results of the data analysis shows that the current smart phone users on the use of the overall evaluation of the mobile phone products (only 1 of users) for the selection of the difference, while the difference (only the user's choice of 4) is 10.50%.

compared to last year's data, the overall degree of praise (only 1 users) 30.3%, poor degree (only 4 users) is 19.32%, can be seen in the mobile phone users for the brand praise degree rising, poor degree on the decline.

user satisfaction survey

why is there such a phenomenon in the =''>

, one plus the highest praise of the brand, the brand price need to refuel

then we take a look at the accounting for 36.9% of the mobile phone use praise (only 1 of users choose) in different brands of users. In the statistics, we only choose more than 1% of the total number, that is, to participate in the survey sample of more than 1350 brands ranked, a total of 20 brand data.

in these brands, the top seven are a plus, apple, millet, OPPO, ZUK, HUAWEI, vivo, which received the highest degree is a plus, apple last year reached 52.41%; the highest praise degree is second place, reached 43.24%.

" brand top rated

in last year survey did not list a plus in this year even occupied the top A new force suddenly rises., position, this result is contrary to expectation reasonable, through regression in a year, the flagship brand and product strategy, one and finally return to the first simple, more focused is a plus to ensure sufficient perfect each generation of products. This example shows that as long as enough attention, domestic mobile phone users can do better than Apple's reputation.

" user satisfaction presentspolarization

another interesting finding, including HUAWEI, millet, red rice / Glory / Meizu / Charm Blue this is divided into two series of mobile phone brands, presentspolarization in terms of user satisfaction, user satisfaction of high-end a series of generally higher, while the series of customer satisfaction the main cost is relatively lower. The results show that the relatively low price of the main cost of the brand, may be in the hardware configuration and the price is very attractive, but the user experience or some lack, this is the price of mobile phone brands in the future need to improve the place.

four, occupy the domestic mobile phone from bad list, vivo Y13 first

based on the data collected and further consolidation, we also sort out the users are using a mobile phone from the ranking and poor rankings, because of an excessive number of products involved in the voting, in order to avoid accidental data, we only choose to vote 0.5% more than the total number of samples, which participate in the survey sample of more than 650 models for ranking.

according to our survey data, in these popular products, received the highest degree for one plus mobile phone 3T, reached 60.38%, ranked 2-10 products were HUAWEI Mate 9, HUAWEI Mate 8, OPPO R9s Plus, OPPO R9s, Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung 5S, millet mobile phone millet mobile phone 5, vivo X9 apple iPhone and 6s. It is not difficult to see that the high rate of domestic mobile phones have been praised by Samsung, apple and other international brands, but this does not mean that the domestic hand

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