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China March 14, 2017 foreign news, a man named Eye iPhone 7/7 Plus protective shell of concern, with the other protective shell is not the same, it can not only provide a screen behind, what is more important, as well as supporting Android system.

the iPhone protective cover on the back is equipped with a liquid crystal screen, make the iPhone a second screen. Even more incredible is that the protective sleeve running Android system, configuration is 5 inches OLED screen /Helio P20/3G memory battery /256GB storage expansion / dual card / wireless charging / Android,, /2800mAh. This configuration to catch up with numerous domestic machines have wood?

in addition, the protective cover is respectively 4G version and Wi-Fi version, suitable for iPhone 6 to iPhone 7Plus, if there is more demand and Android, the former is certainly good note.

" of course, the back shell mobile phone with iPhone Mic, common receiver and camera, but added the battery pack and 3.5mm headset is iPhone.

pricing, Wi-Fi version of 4G version for $189, $229, the congregation raised only $95 (about $657) and $129 (about 890 yuan).

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