What is the difference between the package and the outsourcing?

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in recent years, the concept of" crowdsourcing "suddenly fire up, in the field of software development, crowdsourcing and outsourcing is also by external technical force solve internal technical problems , in many people seemed is old wine in a new bottle. What is the difference between the package and the outsourcing?

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simple," outsourcing "is the project will be contracted to > by the software outsourcing company multiple independent developer , they do not belong to any company, used his spare time to embrace private live, development.  


outsourcing companies need to bear the fixed cost such as office rents, hydropower, decoration; personnel costs such as HR, finance, programmers, sales; cost elasticity < /span> such as marketing costs, promotion costs......

outsourcing company not likely the project demand of each month are with the number of developers matching, that is part of the time developers more than the needs of the project, but outsourcing company in order to in the amount of items when not understaffed will keep the programmer, then this is the warehousing costs . & nbsp;

these costs by who to bear?  

for crowdsourcing. By crowdsourcing platform to link the demand side and developers, to outsourcing companies, eliminating the need for such a layer of cost, the crowdsourcing often than outsourcing cheaper .

software crowdsourcing essence is sharing economy mode to enter the field of software development, the idle development forces together to complete a software development project.  


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outsourcing company received living generally varied, may some company o2o more, some companies more adept at enterprise portal website development. You may choose to outsource the company a higher efficiency than the outsourcing company B, but you do not know before choosing. & nbsp;

for crowdsourcing, the platform can let developers to submit very detailed resume and project experience, give priority to have relevant project experience to develop.

a outsourcing company impossible to raise thousands of developers, but in a crowdsourcing platform can have thousands, tens of thousands of developers for you to choose from.



outsourcing companies there are serious information opacity problem, the first embodiment is offer a huge difference , bad money expulsion good money. A project to a number of outsourcing companies to assess the offer, there are 300 thousand, also said that 30 thousand of the. Outsourcing company is uneven, to fight a price war, some outsourcing company, even with the low bid after development, diddle deposit. & nbsp;

of course this problem in many crowdsourcing platform has not been solve . Some crowdsourcing platform uses still is bidding mode will still appear bad money drives out good money. CODING code city using the style= font-family: "Arial Helvetica, reward mode , you can effectively avoid such a problem.

two outsourcing companies opaque information embodied in the < span style= color: RGB (0, 0, 0); "> software development and outsourcing company the general pattern is sales and customers docking, sales to ask how company project manager project, because the project development process is in the outsourcing company, the project" font-family: Arial style= unable to follow up in real time the progress of the development and supervision of .

in addition due to the development of manpower shortage often occurs due to the development of the project resources are delayed, the outsourcing company and its developer is a community of interests, will not bother to advance the project. & nbsp;

problems caused by outsourcing company unfinished rate of 30%. This is crowdsourcing platform to solve the core problem of.  


Crowdsourcing meaning  

crowdsourcing significance is, first of all contracting task analysis , down to the smallest unit , then divide packet , then package respectively according to their own ability and level of knowledge to lead the pack. The last completed the task, the task is released audit through, even if the project is completed.

however, if this definition, in fact now most under the banner of "crowdsourcing" name of the platform and not really crowdsourcing .

now many crowdsourcing platform basically just a < span style = "color RGB (0, 0, 0);" > task release platform , platform task did not complete the process of link, just docking developers and demand side, but is not projects supervision to provide support .

but we know that software development is not a one and the things if there is no personnel in project management, the probability of uncompleted residential flats will be greatly enhanced.

in addition, there are many crowdsourcing platform did not have developer collaboration and managed code platform. Most of the project needs to be completed by more than one developer, if there is no reliable developer collaboration platform, then the project has only two options: small team line collaborative development or outsourcing company. Style= color: "RGB

so that no collaboration tools said oneself is "crowdsourcing platform" just in the guise of "crowdsourcing" do "outsourcing" bale.

Why say collaboration tools is a key to crowdsourcing? Take the coding code, said, you in here the development of app and app per line of code are real-time upload to code, its own managed code platform Coding.net   you can see at any time. Also programmers work to what progress, completed which tasks can be in collaboration tools Coding.net saw no layers of communication. Project management based on collaboration tools, you can do process transparent , demand side can view real-time, to avoid uncompleted residential .

as shared economic is changing the way we travel. We also look forward to crowdsourcing can make software development more convenient and reliable.

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