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Rockstar 2" will save a fistful of dollars in the autumn sale, but about the game's plot, the official did not disclose too much now. But this does not stop the curious game player they found, about the new storyline from various "nook", and concluded that the two generation takes place in the early before, is a prequel works.

in October last year, "a fistful of dollars saved 2" published for the first time, at the same time, Rockstar released the first trailer of the game, we have not heard about how the news.

but the official silence can't resist the enthusiasm of the fans. Someone according to the primary outcome and other clues that the two generation should be about the primary protagonist John Marsden and his friends before the separate story. GTA forum users began to collect a variety of "evidence" to support the "prequel" theory". For example, a

game player found a resume actor says he was "salvation" in the wilderness biaoke 2 Dutch did motion capture, but if you played before you know the Dutch had died in the first episode. This only shows that the "2" of the wilderness biaoke redemption story happened in the past.

also found a lot of "wilderness biaoke salvation" the original voice actors on twitter mutual powder. Others have found a considered "wilderness biaoke redemption 2" first trailer narrator's voice actor Roger Clark, "like" a "prequel" theory that in accordance with the two generation video story. After

fans found "wilderness biaoke salvation" primary actors in Facebook are also friends, including actress John Marsden Wiethoff, the Dutch dub dub Rob Benjamin Davis, the voice of Bill Williamson Steve Palmer.

fans believe that these "evidence" that the truth: "wilderness biaoke 2" will be a salvation to John Marsden and his gang as the protagonist of the prequel works. They have this from various social networks to find evidence of the activity called "wilderness biaoke" big 2 "redemption treasure" (great treasure hunt), so far they have found 19 clues.

although it seems that although we are still not "wilderness biaoke redemption 2" play, but we can also in this "detective game" playing awfully.


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