The first 23 days of the first quarter broke into the top ten, from the FGO operating activities to see how to dig IP value

Value hand travel holiday cards joints

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review in the past, the Japanese or two dimensional card game will continue to encounter some difficulties in continuing revenue, players pay habits and differences in the content of the demand is one of the causes of these products acclimatized. But according to the product list of the Japanese market, the vast majority of products in the line of one to two years, will be in accordance with the basic stability of the activity cycle, appears to float back to the trend, and in particular the content node or launch period will usher in the outbreak.

" common Japanese products in the Japanese market chart

in addition, if the user accumulation reaches a certain threshold, breaking the barriers of public awareness, it is easy to form long years months occupy the top of the explosion, "monster marbles" and "long lost city" on the part of such products. Judging from the recent performance of the list, "Fate/Grand Order" day service also has the trend to break the barrier.

it is worth noting that a lot of the introduction of the card product is easy to make a wave in the country, the trend of the product list to go higher and lower, the latter pulled back weak. But different from the past, the vast majority of Japanese card products, "FGO" national service performance is more stable, with a fixed cycle show ranking floating in so far this year less than a quarter, a total of 23 days into the bestseller list Top 10.

" this trend list and it is the operation activity rhythm arrangement and content arrangement are closely related, and the "FGO" content itself in the field of Mobile Games accumulation, the need to fully tap to show its value of IP. Combined with the results of the list and activity settings, you can see the following four rules.

1. offers free consumer experience on

system Mobile Games great tradition is to provide free game player experience, let the game player is paid for the pleasure, to stimulate consumer desire, this routine perennial popular, for free game player to small R, even in the R transition, has a very good role in promoting.

cards in the hand tour, and the core of the payment experience is related to pumping card, often the official will be in a variety of nodes, giving players free card props. And when the player card after the card, around the card to develop, collect, and even battle each link, and then introduce the relevant payment content, or the content of the consumption time.

such as "FGO" in China after the 5 million download activities, in addition to the game player card with crystal, also provides a collection of activities making props exchange role of equipment content, mostly had very high popularity of the equipment. In addition to the introduction of a limited role, equipment card pool. These make this game in February 26th to the top fifth list.


customized activities in the game is a relatively common custom type activities according to the particular node to make the festival, for example. The 2D card game is a great advantage, the development cycle is short, the content of the relevant nodes can be quickly customized to be integrated into the game card. And extract the relevant elements of the game, but also for the user to selectively activate, activate properly, which will bring a new desire to pay. For example,

at this time white valentine's day, "FGO" national service will be high popularity within the game role of women and a male character extracted, drawing with a festive atmosphere of the card, and the introduction of a large number of activities around these cards. At the same time, the game is also involved in the activities of the female role, set up a holiday card pool.

which often accompany game player role ", has also been drawn into the Matthey" activity limited reward dress, with the end of the White Valentine's Day activities, the theme of women to men give gifts, stimulate the interest game game player. The launch of this event, so that FGO reached the bestseller list third.

3." around the core selling point to carry out large-scale activities of

in addition to the above two kinds of relative general operations, "FGO" is the biggest selling point around its body, and made a lot of related activities. Among the Fate series, the most popular is bound to be one of the flesh and blood of the role, the most memorable is its wonderful story. FGO hand travel is also the story and multi role as the main selling point of the product.

around the two points, "in mid February for the most classic characters in the game specially designed a large copy of the saber FGO" national service, at the same time with the original drama series Kinoko Nasu wrote a story. In addition to the collection of material around the classic role, equipment exchange, as well as a copy of the Raiders, but also through the story leads to a new role, as well as the role of the recommended card pool, to guide the players pay. The launch of this activity, but also to the FGO once again hit the bestseller list third.

4. perview_img_p linkage with the world view of the last IP

is a IP linkage in. However, the "FGO" than other Japanese products is the particularity of the original TYPE-MOON in a variety of works which have carried out the same set of world view, which also makes these

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