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"Mario sports superstar" open new PV

Brand new long paragraph lead

guanaidianjingbaguaxie· 2017-03-15 20:00:39

lead: in March 30th will be the sale of the 3DS game "Mario sports super star" today open for a period of up to 5 minutes to introduce PV, which detailed introduces the way of the game. In addition, the work will also launch card type amiibo, in the form of card sales.

the public PV, very detailed presentation of the collection of the 5 types in the sports games, including golf and horse racing for the two projects still deserves careful studies, especially golf, regardless of terrain, wind, weather and so on will play a very important influence, and horse racing is a bit like a simplified version of the "Mario car".

in addition to the game, the work has also launched a amiibo card, and the game began to sell together, priced at 444 yen a pack, a pack of cards, there are a total of 90 kinds of. Players can draw a powerful role through the card, or amiibo character training, etc.. But the 90 is not a little too much...... If it is to buy a whole "Zelda wilderness income" brush, every day I have to brush long ah......

" at present this can start in advance to buy and download, priced at 4980 yen, the game's official release date of March 30th, the entity card which will bring a amiibo card.

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