The glory of the king in pig teammate 1V9 don't hang up this set of equipment can still lead Luna

Glory Luna mate King

jihewang· 2017-03-15 20:00:41

is now the king of glory national service environment is getting worse, even if the king will inevitably encounter primary school students, if the start of the 4 teammates on the brain without you will give up the struggle or continue to resist it? A tiger dress first cousin Cao Cao Luna said last night they met King cheating, 1V9 is still a continuous two people with rhythm comeback, exactly how did he do it?

" the past cannot bear to think of the past is not a good way to go, against the wind, to protect his teammates to play blue dad going to steal the dragon, glory in front of more than struggling as well as poetry and distance. Tiger Cao Cao big brother in the hands of Luna Shencanzhijian, led the team after more than and 30 minutes of revenge Road, one single kill 12 heads, with two big dragon, opposite eventually forced to surrender, Xiaobian see thrilling.

" however, Xiao Bian found that strong winds change the world except Cao Cao cousin consciousness Huya technology, this set of equipment is Luna to ensure the output and survival in this war 1V9 war, strong endurance we see:

" Rune sword: magic attack +100, +40 (maximum mana for ice, the disciplinary effect): the use of passive skills to strengthen the next attacks, 30% increase of wild strange injuries, kill creeps get experience upgrade 30%, kill creeps increase their 8 spell strength, stacking up to 15 times;

resistance boots: spell defense +110, passive movement speed: +60% +35%

, toughness; God eater book: cooling down +10%, maximum life +800, attack +180 passive: 25% additional spell vampire;

loremaster Fury: magic attack +240, passive: spell power upgrade 35%;

frozen heart: cooling down +20%, maximum mana +500, physical defense +360, passive: reduce near 30% attack speed within the range of 8000 to

; virtual staff: magic attack +180, maximum life +500,

" this set of equipment can give certain jungler Luna ability, provide resistance, enhanced and sustained output of Luna the survival ability, let the enemy can freely shuttle luna. At the same time, the frozen heart can strengthen the control ability of Luna, virtual damage is unable to stick the output of Luna icing on the cake. This set of attributes a bonus indeed greatly reduce the pig feed teammate's influence, as long as the grasping the starting time Luna 1V5 does not a big problem, we do not know how to see?

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The glory of the king in pig teammate 1V9 don't hang up this set of equipment...

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