Summer class entity edition will be available for sale in May

Entity PlayStation governess maid

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-03-15 20:01:02

BNEI's popular PlayStation VR game summer class will be released in May 25, 2017 entity edition, priced at 7600 yen. The entity will be included in the version of the DLC before all the content, including the maid coffee articles, fireworks articles, outdoor articles, etc.. In addition, this will also include chinese.

"summer class" since 2014 as the first demonstration of PlayStation VR Demo technology announced by a lot of game player attention. In the game of this summer class Miyamoto Hikaru, the players will be the identity of the governess with the heroine of the palace to spend seven days of life, and experience the real scene for the VR to bring interaction and experience. We also made an evaluation of this, the details can click here to view.

DLC fireworks

finally, all the contents of this entity is still a familiar light (Gong Benguang), and released earlier still don't see any trace of the blonde girl...

" where are you

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