P1S: let the virtual into a beautiful collection

Beautiful collectibles go bust model.

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lead: I heard that kernel is not a simple website, new talent knowledge learning, so to introduce the P1S toy company, a lot of hope that we can understand, thank you.

Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio (hereinafter referred to as P1S), Japan's emerging toy company. Compared to BANDAI, Prime 1 Studio company Tamiya, just as the toy industry's "young children". But with emerging with creativity, and to do this in P1S creativity, launched a series of film version of "Transformers" simulation toys, P1S's reputation, and to complete the details of its shape, its toy complex and realistic coating quickly won the hearts of game player.

" this is P1S's first film version of Optimus Prime statue products, is a stunning four

" this is a package of display parts is very rich, the requirement of assembly a simple

game player because I was the main collection of Transformers toys for the first time, P1S just released to make such a perfect statue, it is all the TF fans dream of fetish. Of course, his price may also need to collect all of my Transformers are sold before they can change a. So we'll laugh about their "not deformation toys is not Transformers ah ~"

but as a reason, HASBRO for the younger market manufacturers, 80 people did not give a satisfactory answer, at least I think so. (later if there is time, I will write a Transformers third party product introduction, this is not far away)

" this is a P1S Post Bar ho sun, we feel 70CM Transformers can be a huge sculpture......

P1S in the Transformers movie series in the boutique did more and more work, because the movie TF image design are very complex and very often broken, simple toys are not well restore the texture and details, but a large proportion of the sculpture, to P1S large display space.

then they also produced numerous TF bust, presumably to solve some of the indoor space is relatively small game player demand, a relatively large statue of the price also more cheaper. (about 15 to 20 range, including tuhao Gold Limited Edition, the price is relatively high) and they TF to expand the animation image version and two Transformers Beast Wars products, is also a bold attempt.

currently Transformers's official website can be purchased as a whole of the large and small products have more than 45. It can be said that some of the more popular roles include. (movie image)

Evan_ncheng Post Bar from filming the show pictures, P1S

P1S is due to bust product ratio of 1/4 collection mode play, large size reduction, full of momentum, exquisite details have been presented, each time in Wonder (Festival Japan's largest office Model Exhibition) will become a focus field. P1So theme routes more diversified, covering the "Transformers", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", DC super hero, "Altman", "Independence Day", "Wizards 3" such as IP

P1S DC and other roles in films such as the image of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they also put the theme extended to game products, let more game enthusiasts can also be changed to virtual collections put into the cabinet. For example, wizard 3, blood curse, Batman, sword wind, and so on, of course, I have to say a lot, in fact, P1S is still more prominent in the performance of metal and light.

want to miss sister home in my PS4 game on the shelf

according to the needle sheep, so I only play Ren Wang

" of the car, the biggest characteristic is P1S light reduction flashy

recently, P1S LOGO also released a prototype studio model was made for the island of 1:2 scale Ludens Torgovnik Torgovnik visible of the company's product quality is very unique . P>

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" feel it finally in the official website of P1S, so that we see more products


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