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from Lotte pictures for reference only agreed to exchange "Sade" deployment for the news, the public opinion field Chinese pan fried. A lot of anger nowhere, spontaneous "boycott Lotte" and "boycott Korean goods" … &hellip

3 3, the website of National Tourism Administration issued a notice that recently went to Korea tourism risk, domestic tourism website also spontaneously under the framework of South Korea products.

boycott Lotte, under the framework of South Korea, South Korea, boycott, these people's spontaneous behavior for South Korea in the end what effect? South Korea English International Television Arirang TV reported this.

said China very fruitful boycott? Host to South Korea's economic retaliation measures is being upgraded, taking into account the Korean economy on the Chinese there is a huge dependence, the Korean economy dragged down the anxiety is increasing, and these measures to the local economy also had certain influence.

economic reporter Miss Shen introduced in the streets of Seoul will be able to see a very significant impact, the number of Chinese tourists has been significantly reduced, the hotel reservation rate has dropped significantly. And that is, Chinese tourists contracted last year, Seoul duty-free sales of 60%-70%, so the loss is expected to be more serious.

reported that South Korean companies and China's relations are not harmonious, especially Lotte supermarket. The host said that half of China's Lotte supermarkets are closed, and the number is increasing every day. And these retaliatory measures are because Lotte Group to transfer their golf course to the South Korean government to deploy sade.

South Korea is expected to have much loss?

South Korean reporter said, it is still too early to say, but an Economic Research Institute in South Korea disclosed that if China's retaliatory measures to upgrade, will cause the loss of about 15 billion u.s..

South Korea's IBK Institute for economic research in Seoul, said the impact brought by the German economy will be pulled down by 1.07 percentage points. The Institute added that South Korea's annual GDP may therefore be down 0.59 percentage points.

another report also disclosed similar economic data. The measures are based on the assumption that China is only taking retaliatory measures on exports and tourism, and that these are only estimates.

from the point of view, boycott Lotte, under the frame of Han tour is indeed very fruitful, but it is worth noting that the Korean netizens also began a boycott of China products.

from South Korea counterattack

, according to South Korean media reports, as a boycott of Chinese users of Korean goods retaliation, the outbreak of the Korean social media boycott Chinese products action. The higher the

market share, the South Korean Internet users have become increasingly resistant. In 2017, Tsingtao Brewery surpassed Holland brand HeineKen to become the best-selling imported beer in korea. Therefore, this is the most malicious boycott by South Korean Internet users, is Tsingtao Brewery.

another boycott was made in china. Yonhap reported in March 6th, according to the data of the world pickled cabbage Research Institute, 2016 imports of Korean pickled cabbage rose 7.3% to a record $121 million 500 thousand, of which 99.9% came from China, a Korean restaurant for more than 60% of the supply China pickled cabbage.

in addition to food, South Korea is also boycotting China's electronic products. Korean media said, Chinese millet mobile charging treasure because of high cost, in South Korea's market share reached 60%; the intelligent mobile phone, millet and HUAWEI cost-effective TCL TV, Haier washing machine, and gradually expand the market in South korea.

" South Korean media said, "Anti China", because Chinese first "anti Korean", which is a kind of revenge". According to the British Reuters reported on March 13th, South Korean Deputy Prime Minister and economic planning minister of Finance Officer Liu Yihao said 13 days, South Korea has no definite evidence that the China thad system deployed by the South Korean retaliation for South Korea …

... The South Korean public opinion put on a "big country bullying" and "grievance" appearance, but not on China cause in the "Sade" on the issue of damage.

patriotic need rational

out of geopolitical and other reasons for a country to impose sanctions on another country, which is now commonplace in the world. The China society, whether to carry out rational effective sanctions against South Korea, at the same time also have a smooth and orderly, not for any illegal attack in China Korea and Korean enterprises and personal humiliation, which is a test of our.

boycott Korean goods can, but some people take patriotic as an excuse to make illegal acts. To live the destruction of goods, Lotte Mart hit a modern car, hit foreign stores in the country, these actions rather than to boycott Korean goods, rather than to the senior black boycott of South Korea "".

Chinese has become a geopolitical power, is one of the world wind power, we are in the international game in the complex, foreign sanctions and boycott will inevitably experience. If there is a conflict, the normal sanctions action

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