Another song "zhe" Li Weijia broker Piancaipianse.

Li Weijia economic man insider talk

tanzi· 2017-03-16 00:47:06

some time ago, always see Li Weijia on the show's tears, Li Weijia will half directory to the sentimental, uncontrollable emotions cried on the spot, even in the side at the Wu Xin couldn't help crying.

" when users of suffering Li Weijia has been guessing, some say it is because the actress was a hurt, but also some say Li Weijia is because the work was too tired so sharp thin, but in the end all the reasons have not been confirmed, more and more users the more eager to experience in the end what until Scarlett!

died after a period of time, the recent Internet began to spread such a bid, according to insiders said Li Weijia met Baoqiang Wang than Song Zhe also regressed by the broker, cheating, but also cheated his feelings, at present open his car to his house, unbelievable ah, your circle brokers really make people sit up and take notice.

" what Li Weijia has not said, anyway, online is now everywhere, the news broke the news content is in full uniform, said that Li Weijia is a broker cheat scam like sentiment.

" and even a dedicated voice broke, brother put key words cut out all the shots, broke all the source Li Weijia crying lost against his agent, the original Jia Ye is for love.

saw so many broke the news, in fact, as long as you think about it, the feeling is still a little logic can be found in, perview_img_p.

Li Weijia had not been friends in the program, Li Xiang BiWen said leakage mouth, at first Li Weijia was first denied "lovelorn said". However, the statement said, no matter how much money can be borrowed from the past, but also do not have to. Even the car to the house will be given, because this is a kind of compensation and responsibility. "

think now, these words had listened is foggy, and now feel a little on the ah!

and Li Weijia once heard the words of affection when the eyes will be suffused with tears in.

was hurt should be eight or nine from the ten.

but all of this before Li Weijia came out to speak is speculation, the truth is that the parties are the most clear!

later found a friend Li Weijia broker social accounts, the head looked at the man, what is private content.

" only to know that Li Weijia's agent is actually a man, you really good circle in,, perview_img_p! Although this account can not see the photos, but there are users to find a picture of Li Weijia broker, this Yan value, really is not to say anything, the feeling is not likely ah.

but if all this is true, Li Weijia is really worse than Baoqiang Wang! Now how the broker has changed the taste of it!

well, in any case, it will all be over, just hope that the Lord will soon get better!

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Another song "zhe" Li Weijia broker Piancaipianse.

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Another song "zhe" Li Weijia broker Piancaipianse.

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