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burp can avoid baby flatulence.

, avoid the baby flatulence

1 and

to help the baby to take the baby milk in the hiccups in the process is easy to swallow swallowed air, beat belch is a good way to remedy. You can hold your baby on your back, or sit on your lap, and pat him on the back. When

2 and

do not pay attention to the time burping in the baby swallowed the greedy take hiccups, that will make them unhappy and crying, and swallowing more air. Choose a baby to slow down the pace of sucking or taking a break when the burp.


, the right nipple holes to feed the baby milk formula to problems with gas, therefore, when you feed the baby, should pay attention to the size of the nipple hole, avoid because of flow too fast baby swallowing too much air.


air bottle feeding position, should keep the bottle in the air at the bottom, rather than in the nipple area, so that it can avoid the baby to suck in the process of inhalation of air.


, change the formula if the baby continued problems with gas, you can ask the doctor about the replacement formula, to see whether the current formula is not suitable for your baby.

6, content of diet

if your baby is breastfeeding, the content of your diet, some foods may cause baby flatulence, like beans, broccoli and onion. Stop eating them to improve your baby's flatulence.

7, help baby massage

to help baby massage is also a way to help exhaust. Put Bao Baoping on the bed or on the floor, grab his feet for a bicycle, or use a lotion to massage your baby's abdomen.


1 cause flatulence caused by the baby feeding, baby

inhaled air sucking nipples, or bottles, more or less will inhale some air, especially the use of bottle feeding baby, it is easy to inhale a lot of air.

2, allergic to formula

although formula milk as close as possible to the composition of breast milk, but there may be caused by the baby's allergies, the formation of flatulence. Therefore, pay attention to the baby after drinking milk formula, if there is gas, you can consider replacing the brand.


, mother diet breastfeeding mothers diet may also cause the baby flatulence, beans and spicy food are likely to cause colic, so it is best to avoid eating.

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