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jiatingyishengzaixian· 2017-03-16 10:02:24

baby's first food choice should be the baby high iron

Rice noodles many new mothers don't know at the beginning to add what foods to the baby in the first solid food baby should be high iron Rice noodles or the egg yolk, why not his food? First of all, because the baby after the full six months, breast milk nutrients, especially iron can not meet the needs of children's physical development, add food should be rich in iron, at the same time, the baby's stomach capacity is very small, but the nutrient demand is large, therefore, should be very good choice digestion of high iron is Rice noodles, Rice noodles become the best choice of the first baby food supplement, should be sold on the market of high iron Rice noodles.

, however, some mothers will ask, to eat their own home to eat rice flour can be? It is not possible, because of their own home Rice noodles mill is the main component of starch, which nutrients than on the market for sale of baby Rice noodles a lot less, so it is not recommended for Rice noodles mother who gave the baby to eat their own home ground.

added to the baby Rice noodles should be thin to thick, from less to more

parents should pay attention to, the first time for the baby to eat a spoonful of Rice noodles should start from the start, and take a little farther apart, which helps the baby's digestion. If the baby after the meal still mouth to find food, baby love to eat, so that defects can be washed two spoon Rice noodles for the baby to eat, or take a little farther apart, were more than three days or so, if the baby stool is not normal, eat Rice noodles resist performance, can gradually increase the amount of the.

rice flour and milk powder with a good tune?

as a result of the beginning of rice flour is more than the original flavor, many mothers will think about the rice flour and milk powder together to give the baby to eat, so that taste better, the baby will love to eat. In fact, we do not recommend that mothers will Rice noodles and milk powder mixed Chongdiao, while doing better in taste, but it will affect the nutritional content of milk powder and powdered milk and washed Rice noodles water requirements are not the same, powdered milk is the best water temperature of boiling water, not more than 50 DEG C, and red Rice noodles the water should be between 70 DEG -80 DEG the most appropriate.

rice flour with what to feed the best?

there are a lot of mothers like to use milk powder to feed the baby rice noodles, so very convenient, but in fact, the application of rice bowl spoon to feed, why? Add a food supplement from the baby, generally six months after the baby will continue to grow small teeth, at this point, we should exercise the baby's chewing ability, with the Rice noodles bowl of spoon feeding the baby to eat, can train the baby constantly swallowing, chewing, eating habits to cultivate a new baby, more gradually to grab food, self feeding to transition. Therefore, the baby should be fed with rice bowl spoon Oh, it is best to silicone spoon and insulation bowl, silicone spoon is very soft and will not damage the baby's mouth, heat preservation bowl can be the baby's food warming, not soon cool off. (99 Health Network (, if reproduced, please indicate the source)

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