Wu Mo face has many beautiful children cry

Plastic surgery Wu Mochou net friend child

qianzhanwang· 2017-03-16 12:25:12

Wu Mo face

had a lot of friends pretty scared child support her cosmetic

when Wu Mochou with good sound runner identity after fame is called a fire, almost filled with her poster, but because of exaggerated makeup and unique look, had trouble been scared off the embarrassment of children. Over the past 5 years, now the Wu Mo prosperous past, like compared with before is not the same, the people a lot of fresh and beautiful, just like in the face like, many netizens think she had plastic surgery, but the accident overwhelmingly support.

look at Wu mo before modeling, a head of long hair shawl thick Qi Liuhai, the whole face of makeup, makeup will simply use acme, a big red lips especially conspicuous, it can be said that in the entertainment of the actress's fairly recognizable, never admit her into the other people.

it is because before this pair of dress Wu Mochou no less out of embarrassment, the most wide recognition in Shenyang subway is 5 year old boy cry again. That year, Wu Mochou had a good voice popular, was rated as "2012 of the world's 50 most beautiful people", a variety of commercial endorsements followed, which is a subway advertisement released Wu Mochou's facial features, its modeling exaggerated expressions and the flaming lips, looks really scary! Is this photo, your own feelings a.

" was elected the singer, and representative is not so popular, the two gradually not red. Probably because of the long time does not appear, she has a group of photos is completely changed, seems to have no longer had the Wu mo.

" now look at the photos, makeup is no past so thick that the face becomes more slender, is no longer the same years, Liu Qi, is more important than before, the overall feeling seems to be a lot of fresh style changes.

" for the netizen suspects Wu Mochou is not cosmetic, but even so most will choose to support. But there are also some netizens said, in fact, Wu Mochou was not ugly, this is actually not the appearance of make-up, belongs to the girl next door, makeup save a lot of women, but destroyed her, hoping she can keep now.

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