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shoujizhongguo· 2017-03-16 12:27:43

[mobile china news] at the MWC 2017 conference, HUAWEI released a new flagship HUAWEI P10. The same as the previous generation of products, HUAWEI P10 also has a powerful camera technology, and further enhance the function of portrait photography. With the expectations of consumers, HUAWEI P10 will be released in March 24th in the country. At present, we have received the invitation of HUAWEI P10.


HUAWEI P10 invitation invitation is the theme of "portrait masters", and said the release of the P10 series for the 2017 new year, at the same time gives it more artistic temperament. And when it comes to HUAWEI P10 camera technology, the machine uses a new generation of Leica 12 million color +2000 million black dual camera combination, equipped with a 8 million pixel front Leica custom lens, supplemented by a large aperture f/1.9.


and the new HUAWEI invitation Leica professional portrait art photography, with HUAWEI 3D accurate face detection technology, intelligent lighting and professional skin enhancement algorithm, can the effect of portrait photography more bright and prominent, showing a more three-dimensional facial features, outstanding temperament the art of portrait.

" HUAWEI P10 portrait photography

invitation includes the well-known photographer Tang Hui, Leica certified Chinese photographer sue and Yin Chao studio with HUAWEI P10 shooting portraits. This shows that HUAWEI wants to tell the story behind the lens, as well as the transfer of portrait photography art ideas.

" HUAWEI P10 portrait photography "img_box"

" HUAWEI P10 portrait photography "img_box"

" HUAWEI P10 portrait photography

in addition, HUAWEI also top image printing services "memory laboratory", the classic image processing skills of traditional retention, combined with image output technology, the intelligent mobile phone photos into a pure handmade printing production desire, so as to realize images can be stored for more than 100 years.

in short, at the press conference in March 24th, HUAWEI P10 will interpret the strength of portrait photography master of the artistic texture, then there should be more surprises waiting for you, we see the conference!

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