Lin update will live like Wang Sicong


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Wang Sicong girlfriend on the eve of the situation on the line, small series has been pushed to the. Today, a good friend of the good foundation to tear onions and broke a new romance!

2" on Sept. 25, Lin update from the airport to the hotel in a later meal, after dinner with two men and a woman to go out of the hotel.

" but returned to a car, and the new forest more girls did not look like what interaction relationship.

" two days later, the photographer in the forest update home garage to get him and two male friend, a female friend, go home.

but the woman is not a few days ago was photographed out of the hotel, but the mysterious two.

" this is not the end of the second day, the day, Lin update again with a girl drove out, and she is not the one with the night in the home.

" if the first two girls and more new and not very intimate action, that the three girls are a little … …

head update the chest in the forest.

Lin update also took the little girl home with.

message out, there are friends to grab the mysterious female number three of information class=. It is said that her micro-blog called "zz black".

skin white beautiful long legs a.

" may be a little bit like?

" and her own video with more than 50 thousand Hermes lindy.

coincidentally there is also a ID called "black black" in Lin update game clan". Update the game account and is sworn, and Wei Daxun, Yang Mi is also a good gay friend, Wang Sicong is also very familiar with.

said Lin update and Wang Liuwen during the Spring Festival has been in a relationship to play the game, after more than a week, "he Da" from the forest update game became lovers.

" the forest update romance exposure, where Wang Sicong has been photographed and companion together. White Valentine's day yesterday, Wang Sicong with a mysterious woman went to Macao to play. In the picture, Wang Sicong followed a woman in a black coat, looking very close. But this time together and travel the woman face is not thinking out, don't know beans have children or Zhang Xiaomeng or new?

Lin update Wang Sicong broke a series of love, two people are in anger?

" but the forest regeneration is the choice of more and more tend to King Si Cong's aesthetic, the girlfriend rate also have a spell.

first girlfriend Xu Shaochun

Xu Shaochun is said to be Lin update first love, two people are 36 in Shenyang, as a former school girl, Lin update and Xu Shaochun talked about love, but two people broke up because of personality clashes.

Wang Sicong's first love, Zhang Qian is also a high school classmate, two people together to study in the United kingdom. The girl Xiaoqian nicknamed "Panda", later married the girl Xiaoqian, Wang Sicong or his new project called "panda TV". It's a beautiful love.

" two rich generation "girlfriend make mushrooms"

Lin update at the beginning of the popular girlfriend by fans as "downtown mushrooms", said the two love from the college began. "Don't make a living mushroom" real name Wang Rong, is Shanghai

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