Plot reversal! CCTV 315 party played his holiday?

CCTV Muji plot dismantling

aifaner· 2017-03-16 17:26:03

15 party CCTV 3· just ended, the company has not been fake down from the micro-blog hot search list, this scenario is a reversal.

first pass fast sports sound Ming said, CCTV 3· 15 party in the exposure of the Nike air door event, citing the fast pass sports shoes dismantling the picture when the unauthorized removal of the watermark on the image LOGO.

then, Muji sent a letter, put out a series of evidence to respond to nuclear radiation food, said the company is mistaken for their company's address as a source of food. We all look

a fake, how to become a mutual rancour.

: PeakProsperity)

first CCTV infringement issue.

CCTV at 3· 15 party exposure Nike Hyperdunk 08 replica shoes suspected of false propaganda. There are consumers reflect, Nike official website on the promotion of the shoes equipped with Zoom Air air cushion, but after receiving, but found that some of the air cushion was replaced by solid rubber bottom.

air door event, the most important evidence is a comparison of the shoe section contrast photos, HYPERDUNK OG and HYPERDUNK 08 FTB profile were compared.

3 month 16 days, today, fast pass sports said in a statement, the main evidence cited from CCTV, "fast pass sports in November 26, 2016 08 HYPERDUNK FTB dismantling evaluation article" in a shoes photos.

, however, CCTV2 in reference to this important dismantling evaluation article, not only does not indicate the picture is the author of "fast pass sports", but without the picture left and right fast pass sports LOGO watermark, and pictures of the lower right corner of the blue kuaichuan sports LOGO erase.

" (3· 15 party video screenshot)

>[map from the fast pass fast pass sports sports)

wrote in a statement: "this year's CCTV 3· 15 the party's rights but also constitutes infringement, violation of the" fast pass "to enjoy sports articles and pictures dismantling evaluation data of copyright. "

(screenshot: =''>

was named last night by CCTV, as well as face recognition technology.

in the party scene, the host exposure defects of the face recognition system, using the technology to make the original static pictures to blink, smile, then, the processed images also landed verification based on face recognition.

(figure from: 3· 15 party CCTV video screenshot)

said, people are suddenly worried that with the face recognition technology of the Internet platform is also safe?

said Alipay in face recognition, the security technology is very proud of it earlier.

innocent gun lying Alipay last night rush to respond in micro-blog: Alipay only for the current use of mobile phone users to password successfully open face recognition, does not appear in the new mobile phone can be landed only by face information.

" (from: Bao Weibo

paid screenshot) Alipay also made a commitment by any photos or processed by dynamic photo face landing, causing the stolen account, Paypal will full payment.

come again to say muji. Today, the company put out a series of evidence that CCTV you fake wrong.

on the evening of Muji sales from Japan's radiation areas of food, so that this is considered to promote a simple and better way of life, the company into a public opinion storm.

exposure involved in the nuclear pollution zone refers to the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear power plant in Fukushima nuclear accident affected areas. It is understood that our country since 2011, the national quality inspection administration has announced that, in view of the Fukushima nuclear accident, banned dealers from Fukushima Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Tochigi County, Ibaraki County, Niigata County, Miyagi Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Tokyo Chiba County, ten the county imported food, edible agricultural products and feed.

and 3· 15 party CCTV; said that the relevant law enforcement officers found in the Muji store, label the origin of "Japan" products in the off label, its true origin is Tokyo, which belongs to the list of banned imports.

Muji today issued a statement letter said, 3· 15 party CCTV misunderstood the meaning of the address on the product label, the word section refers to the Muji name of the parent company and its registered address, non sold food origin.

" (screenshots: Muji) from the

response, Muji does not agree with the CCTV 3· the company's sales of "nuclear pollution food" 15 party exposure statement.

(screenshot: 3· 15 party video)

but say something else,

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