Burns's Law: subordinates to feel their own cattle, you first look at how many cows

Burns law addiction post responsibility

daerduoyingyu· 2017-03-16 22:28:21

how to measure a senior business manager? In addition to the level of their own business executives, half is subordinate with him, whether we can have a good independence, just as "Burns's law" said: in the work of subordinates feel more capable and efficient, is when the work is done more do not want to command and command.

has subordinate independence, when the work is done, is not required to charge the boss mouth tongue, they are confident, has high work efficiency, more important is the ability they have consciously take the initiative to complete all kinds of work.

a lot of sports games, the final stage, entered the superheating under the watchful eyes of the people, who wins the audience knead the sweat, also let the coach for the heartbeat. At the critical moment, the coach will often announce a pause, give their athletes cheer and instill some tactical weapons, if the athlete's overall quality is poor, often still ineffective indoctrination.

, on the contrary, many athletes at a crucial moment, the moment does not need to fail on the verge of success coach with a suspension of enlighten, their confidence and perseverance, for a final sprint, can change danger into safety to reverse the situation, finally won the victory. We can see how important it is for an athlete to have confidence and independence in a sports game.

people to guide, although not illegal, just to prove the defect of its ability. Similarly, our business people, when encountered some difficulties, once the boss to command and command, it is not good enough, but also worrying.

therefore, when the enterprise managers in their daily work to meet these seemingly honest obedient subordinates, do not think that their leadership level how high, don't think how to meet loyal subordinates, more peace of mind, don't sleep without any anxiety. To

in front of subordinates, some enterprise managers will even produce some command to hundreds of addiction, gossip is a backseat driver under, desire for power driven, confused by a vanity in being fond of teaching others, a pedantic executive in bad habits. As everyone knows, in your command when subordinates closely reasoned and well argued opinionated, inert and incapable in growing. The teacher said:

as a post on a screw, it must be able to complete the independent post responsibility, don't stop to teach you how to do, except for some special difficult things need to consult the boss to be foreign through greater team strength. In general difficult to be able to learn how to overcome their own, independent, how to be a boss's intention to understand, has the consciousness of independence of people. The standard of Burns's law.

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