Entertainment mogul hit 267 million for the palace complex

Three British tycoon palace

wangyiyule· 2017-03-17 06:38:16

entertainment NetEase in March 17 reported according to Taiwan media reports, the Macao tycoon Zhou Chuohua (wash komehana) worth billions, 2015 hand mixed mode Mandy Lieu (hot Liu Bi Li) home to Chen Huiling palace heart shouting divorce. It took him two months to save a year, the couple frequently appeared together in public, and finally appeared in the last couple of years of marriage complex dawn, I did not expect to burst out of London to return to Hongkong, a small three!

according to Hongkong media reports, Mandy has a chance to return in May because of her secret, brokerage company's model Ou Jiayu (Joe) to marry Jacky Lam billions of small shipping, not only the wedding will be held in May, the original is to finalize the draft program will exit. And she is the boss of the brokerage firm, was speculated to be most likely to attend the wedding.

Zhou Chuohua and Mandy century hand sensation, the other is the crown mistress notoriety in the UK later bought 10 million luxury placement of the woman, and hit 300 million dollars (about 267 million yuan) as each other and children living in isolation and mistress palace. In the face of a couple of topics, Chen Huiling responded, "I've always been a family, and now he's happy, and the rest don't respond! Now came back to the small three Hongkong rumors, three people continue to make every move outside attention.

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