Competition is too fierce! Your home will become a national center city?

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zhongguoxinwenwang· 2017-03-17 06:46:18

let these local leaders worry that the current number of provinces in the province as a whole force for National Center City places. According to the China Economic Weekly broke the news, the number of national central city is likely to be relatively large 12. This makes a lot of places fried pot: no longer on the bus too late. You know, at present, there are 8 cities have been identified, the remaining 4 places who spend?

just concluded two of the country, many members have submitted a proposal to put the city into a national central city or proposal. For example, the National People's Congress Sun Wei proposed to build Xi'an into a national center of the city, the CPPCC National Committee member Shen Jian continue to call on Nanjing should become a national central city.

"National Center City" places so many "big" city leaders burning with impatience. For example, shortly before the Shandong province NPC and CPPCC during the first mayor of Qingdao called for "create more conditions to support the creation of Qingdao National Center City, recently broke the Ji'nan municipal Party committee secretary" sit ", called for the implementation of the" power capital "strategy," said Zhengzhou was identified as the National Center of the city, it is for us a big stimulus".

the number of National Center City there are 10 places that was being touted, originated from the Ministry of housing, a number of ministries to promote joint China city planning design and research responsible for the preparation of a new version of the "National Academy of urban planning" in the proposed plan to build Shibaiqianwan city system, namely the 10 global and national center of the city, 100 City, 1000 national characteristics of small and medium-sized city, 10000 characteristic town.

of course, there are 11, 13, and other different versions of the argument, often there will be approved by the 15! Congratulations to XX successfully nominated National Center City "title in various media platform, even the official platform sometimes can not help but reproduced, dazzling, zhenjiamobian.

whenever this time, it is necessary to have the "insider" to disclose the news.

according to the experts involved in the preparation of the economy, said Ke, 10 central cities in the country is the preparation of the initial assumptions, it may not necessarily be the 10. "To determine the national central city is not from the quantitative point of view, mainly from the perspective of urban functions. It is reported that the new version of the national urban system planning has been completed, the results of the project has been handed over to the Ministry of housing, yet to be submitted to the State Council approved.

of course, informed sources also said that the National Center City is the possibility of a larger 12. Why 12? According to the planning of the Beijing and Shanghai is positioned as a global city, at the same time, Beijing and Shanghai is the National Center of the city, from the 12 number, which is actually a "2+10" program, which in addition to Beijing and Shanghai two global city, there are 10 National Center city. In addition, Hongkong as a global city, due to the "one country, two systems," the reason has not been included in this dimension.

has been identified as the National Center of the city there are 8, namely Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou. If the final certainty is 12, then there are 4 places.

is currently actively seeking to enter the ranks of the National Center of the city, at least Shenyang, Nanjing, Xi'an, Changsha, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Ningbo, and other cities.


so many cities want to be among the National Central City, what is the reason?

Ke to give you an example, before Shenzhen was a small fishing village, in 1980 the country will build it into DC, now at the forefront of reform and opening up of Shenzhen, national and international economic center city, and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the north of Guangzhou shenzhen".

in this national central city, the opportunity, the next big city will get the dividend is self-evident. Once recognized as a national central city, then the city's development potential, development advantages and prospects, it has been recognized by the highest level of the country.

in some of the country's major initiatives of reform and opening up, in the strategic significance and guiding significance of the pilot deployment, the National Central City may be given priority.

in addition, some of the country's major functional projects in the configuration, such as airport economic test area, free trade zone, etc., the National Central City may also be a relatively favorable position.

at the same time, become a National Center City, the city's brand, it is undoubtedly a coronation".


at present, the "tall" city for National Center of the city are particularly active, these "big", both of the total GDP population, scientific research or other indicators are so many city to catch up.

, for example, in the middle of several major cities to compete in the National Center of the city, and Wuhan, not far from Changsha is also very active. Even after Wuhan, Zhengzhou approved the construction of National Central City, Changsha still "to shout out loud slogans, take firm action, firmly in accordance with the construction of national central city planning concepts and standards, promote the construction and development of". Although in theory, there are already two central cities in the country, similar geographical location of Changsha re elected

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