South Korean media said China to South Korea to break the streets of Jeju empty


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original title: this Korean media crazy turn photos tell you, Chinese people unhappy about the consequences of more serious!

said … …

not to say, look at it or ↓

where is this?

this is the International Airport in Republic of Korea, Jeju.

Korea "hankyoreh" website 16, published the photo caption as follows:

in China started "Sade revenge" the morning of March 15th, once full of tourists in Jeju International Airport International Departure Hall lost its original vitality, showing a desolate.

"hankyoreh" is said to be one of the eight South Korean newspaper, the newspaper published 16 reports headline: Chinese from 15 onwards to cut off all South Korean groups travel … … direct bomb thad revenge ".

"Korean national daily" Chinese version of the screenshot

is a heart like a deer hit? Or 10000 animal in the heart roaring?

this report said:

according to the instructions of the Chinese authorities, Chinese travel agencies to stop the sale of Korean tourism products, South Korea is expected later this year will be more obvious than the current reduction.

15, China Travel Agency also interrupted the sale of goods related to South korea. "Korean Daily" reporters to Beijing many travel agencies calling the Korean tourism products with Chinese, but were only "according to the National Tourism Bureau instructions from today all interrupt of Korean goods, do not know when to restore an answer.

reporter asked, is there no way to travel to South Korea, the travel agency replied, if you want to go, you can only book their own air tickets and accommodation, all over China are the same".

may also have a glimmer of hope, the newspaper reporter specially on Ctrip, the result is this:

Chinese largest Online Travel Corporation CTRIP Website, if in the sale of tourism products to choose the "Korean" did not display the results.

is reported that China's major domestic tourism companies recently adjusted through business, reducing the number of people responsible for South Korean affairs, the majority of human resources will be re adjusted to Japan and Southeast asia.

industry insiders said, "if Chinese travel agency asked recently to travel to South Korea, most of them will be asked why you want to go, and then to travel to other destinations," I heard more to be persuaded to go to Philippines, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries".

"deserted" Inchon airport on the morning of 15, Inchon International Airport Arrival Hall, to see Chinese tourists and meet their tour guide flag. Source: South Korea, Chosun Ilbo website

is not just the airport. South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" website 16, also published a similar picture:

" this is once Chinese tourists crowded the streets of Jeju, on the morning of 15, Jeju City Lian Dong 'Baojian street was empty.

2011, as a staff of 11 thousand people China Baojian products enterprise group visit groups here, this street is named "Baojian Street", then there are a lot of China tourists come here, known as "small Jeju Chinese". "Korean Daily"

said in a report:

15, the national tourist attractions of South Korea's "China shock" lockout. Every year attracts 3 million Chinese tourists in Jeju Island, was enveloped by a sense of crisis. Seoul Dong "banner troops", Busan port "cruise" have disappeared. As Chinese thad retaliatory measures, the National Tourism Bureau to China domestic travel agency instructed "to prohibit the sale of goods from South Korea" in March 15th, officially revealed the consequences.

quoted a large travel agency in South Korea, said:

, as of 11 this month, after a day of Chinese tourists for the 90, from 12 to zero. "

no comparison, no harm to ↓

Inchon airport immigration last April with foreign tourists (above), in March 15th this year, unusually deserted. Picture: Yonhap

2016" in September 21st, China visitors in a continuous line the Central District of Seoul duty-free shops (above), in contrast to the situation deserted on March 13th afternoon. Picture: Yonhap

Chinese retaliatory measures than expected, Ministry of industry and trade minister Zhou Henghuan 15 afternoon held a "China civil trade agreement will be announced, due to the loss of the Chinese retaliatory measures to provide emergency funds won 400 billion enterprises.

Chinese people are not happy, how cold the cold wind in Korea?

South Korean media have a large number of:

Korea 1.3982 rebate shops affected directly. Busan harbor commune, said the Chinese authorities have taken measures to make China's cruise ship from March 15th no longer way South Korea, but directly to japan.

according to South Korea's Ministry of marine and fisheries statistics, the recent Chinese cruise ship in Jeju and Busan, the start of the program is scheduled to take bulk

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