True financial treasure is the mutual gold industry heterogeneous? Wu Yanan interpretation of the speed paradox"


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from last year's e rent treasure storm to established in March this year, of the China Association of Internet banking, Internet banking industry to standardize the development direction has been clear. Association, standardized development, these no doubt once again to stimulate the industry's new round of the gold industry force.

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which have a more important data is worth thinking about industry -- really melt treasure back to investors the 1.8 billion profit gain, the establishment of 20 months, really melt treasure for their users earn 1.8 billion.


when many mutual fund company special emphasis on their transactions, like really melt treasure this report for investors to earn much money are not many, this is actually really Rong Bao since its establishment since the concept and principle, the Real Investors bring value. < span style = "line-height: 1.6;" > 

and deeper perspective, really melt treasure become heterogeneous behind lies in its unique mutual gold development mode --" Internet asset allocation model, by a professional financial team, selected and purchased, including P2P net loans, including a variety of financial assets, and then the combination of financial assets into current financial products sales to the public.


asset allocation is "venture capital down to minimum mutual fund mode innovation, put forward the innovative play is really melt Bao, Chairman Wu Yanan, a has a 18 years in the industry through the experience of financial professionals, the interview he mentioned" Internet banking should say from a birth into a paradox "," Internet banking to return to the nature of the financial. "


these views through a professional and rational Wu Yanan, but he founded really melting process for treasure is a very emotional and wayward story, Wu Yanan University lay classmates Li Yinan to him "kick up". Thus, the true financial treasure. Style= white-space: "normal > "

true financial treasure, is a unique and industrial value of the mutual gold industry case.


sleep in my upper berth brother: the trend of technical genius judgment


Wu Yanan is CFA chartered financial analyst, is mathematics master's and PhD in physics, before returning to China in 2009, he in overseas do the 13 years of hedge funds, services are financial institutions. Style= white-space: "normal

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things change node is in May 2014, when I was still in Jinsha River do investment Li Yinan to Shanghai about Wu Yanan tea chat, talked about the prospect of P2P finance. That time, with P2P net loan based Internet banking has just been a trend, Li Yinan believes that professional financial professionals Wu Yanan suitable for this. Style= white-space: "normal

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"that day spent more than an hour, chatting with me about this thing, Li Yinan has been saying that the Internet financial direction." In fact, Li Yinan is spotted in the right direction, however, all of a sudden break the habit is, after all, a difficult task, has been doing tall hedge fund, for customers 2B, hands are billions of funds flow of Wu Yanan, all of a sudden is difficult to accept Li Yinan Internet financial business proposal, "I just heard, but the enthusiasm is not high."


as lay brothers, Wu Yanan, Li Yinan is actually very understanding Wu Yanan, he bones with Li Yinan is a troubled man. This is the reason why Li Yinan came to Wu Yanan.


coincidental. In the meantime, was responsible for Baidu Post Bar, R & D, Baidu and Baidu map technology product management work of Li Qiang, want to do poineering work, then find the former Baidu CTO Yinan, Li Qiang, but to the entrepreneurial orientation is o2o. Li Yinan persuaded Li Qiang, began to layout. In June 2014, Li Qiang Li Yinan had to call Wu Yanan, let him come to Beijing to have a good talk.


if Wu Yanan is a completely new things are not interested in people, maybe he then will completely refuse Li Yinan, will not come to Beijing, but Li Yinan is not wrong, Wu Yanan bones restless is the core, but Li Yinan in this industry, new trends, in Wu Yanan life upheavals shenglayingzhuai "kick the kick. So Wu Yanan came to Beijing. Since then, a get out of hand.



Li Yinan is really melt treasure angel investors, but with strong industrial judgment and execution, the Wu Yanan and Li Qiang match to working together to create really Bao Rong, Lee, a man will not intervene in the true financial treasure operation and only introduce the some investors, which is later really Bao Rong take under the latitude and longitude of China, Sequoia Capital Investment to lay the foundation.


of course. Later, Lee, a man began to fully entrepreneurship her calf electric, today, Li Yinan personal encounters also let Wu Yanan very mixed feelings. But regardless of other factors, Li Yinan judgment on the direction of the industry, adhered to the trend firmly, quickly and some powerful execution, this is Li Yinan industry recognized technical genius on the other side.


is the side and change the life of Wu Yanan, let a have years of experience in financial and professional talent to join to the Internet banking industry and also for the industry bring the true financial treasure such a sample enterprise.


2C end: the financial nature of the regression, investment users dispersed risk


" Li Qiang is executive force is very strong, and this I really appreciate, "Wu Yanan and Li Qiang's cooperation, in fact, from the start is two geeks together. Style= white-space: "normal

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a focus on financial product design, a focus on the Internet level implementation. July 2014 true financial treasure was founded, and with Li Qiang as the core of the technical team took only a month's time, on the product line. Subsequently, the real financial treasure in the vicinity of Baidu to Zhongguancun as the core of the Internet to engage in push, first accumulated the first batch of Internet users.


until today, seriously Bao Rong Trade exceeded 150 billion mark, as investors earned 1.8 billion gold and silver, Wu Yanan think, really Rong Bao advantage is support from the asset side of quality service providers and really Rong Bao "asset allocation model" to really Rong Bao financial products with guaranteed quality. In March of this year really Bao Rong continued to maintain a 100% of the users of principal and interest due payment rate, and the end of the assets and the quality of the credibility of the has a close relationship.


change words, why at the outset Wu Yanan must adhere to do asset allocation this model? Style= white-space: "normal

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in fact, this is the Wu Yanan 18 years of professional financial experience landing. From the creation of true financial treasure, until today, Wu Yanan has been emphasized, Internet banking to return to the nature of the financial, using the Internet to improve the matching efficiency of financial resources, only from the services to the real economy is for investors to make money in the financial nature of, to make a mutual fund enterprise in an invincible position.


tide, only to grasp the essence, can eventually win, this is always the truth. Unfortunately, when the mutual gold of the incoming tide, some companies tend to be surface air of confusion, but into the "air trap". Style= white-space: "normal

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mutual fund enterprise Internet advantage, can be in a variety of ways to directly face the C end investors, but, after all, the lack of traditional financial years of precipitation and accumulation, the traditional financial good services to medium and large enterprises, the risk management of large project accumulated a wealth of experience and data. So, for each gold enterprise, a more sensible development path is to combine the advantages of both the Internet and traditional finance.


really melt treasure asset allocation model is the idea: one using the internet tool face C terminal consumers, traditional financial institutions on the other end of the butt of standard credit products and professional experience in financial markets is a C end consumer choice and reliable financial management products, to really melt treasure this platform to disperse risk for consumer investment, and help them to make money, this is the return to the financial nature of mutual fund development thinking.


2B end: the service of the real economy that is the future


is really melt was one of the founders of treasure, but as a financial industry professionals, Wu Yanan has been standing in the cross from the point of view of the golden voice, for future development path, Wu Yanan emphasized that Internet banking should make full use of the advantages of Internet technology, the demand for their services for small and micro accumulation of experience and data, is the right path. Style=

 " and this one, to do the basic construction and improve the ability to control wind power, is the most important. From the start, with Wu Yanan and Li Qiang's true qualities geeks, Rong Bao began to achieve the ultimate goal as the first wind control.


for consumers to choose the assets of the project, the true financial treasure assets partner selection will be through strict vote, the vote before and after the investment links, the establishment of the intelligent asset management system and risk control system. Currently in the real treasure of the user portfolio has been about nearly one million claims, bonds or other types of assets, a single debt assets of less than ten thousand yuan.


wind control behind is big data asset allocation and optimization, and the Internet cloud computing technology, from which we can see that really Rong Bao financial and technical team efforts, not only to enhance the user experience and to maximize the information disclosure. Now, really melt treasure monthly operating report regularly to the public disclosure of all relevant information, including the risk reserve fund, asset statistics, risk control and the progress of information is to make investment financial treasure consumers can not only understand income, more able to grasp in the real financial treasure platform of the safety index ".


about has entered the specification stage of development of mutual fund industry, Wu Yanan think, for the C-terminal, gold companies to bring benefits for the users to invest, but for the B-side, mutual the future direction of the gold industry should is the service of the real economy, especially small micro entity economy and solve the economic transformation in the pain points, to supplement the traditional financial contribute to solve the needs of the real economy, this is the direction of mutual long-term development of the gold industry.


now, Central has made it clear that the real economy this year to focus on supply side reforms, digest excess capacity, from the supply side to improve the efficiency and do matching and synchronous mode of production and demand of terminal, and to achieve economic transformation and upgrading of consumption. "Internet banking in the most critical stage of the current economic restructuring and reform battle, not chaos, services to small and micro economic entities to solve small micro enterprise financing difficult financing expensive, in order to guide the social cost of financing gradually downward," look in Wu Persea nanmu Oliver, this is mutual gold enterprises to "revitalize the stock, increase the activation" should be some development direction


"let the public financial return to the essence, income stability and ease of value-added, and serve the needs of small and micro economic entities." This has been the root of the development of real financial. All along, the real financial treasure in order to provide the public with a diversified asset allocation of intelligent products at the same time, to guide the public user funds, docking of the real economy in the financing needs of the consumer and the scene of small and micro assets.


in really melt treasure portfolio, including the "1st Shop" small micro business and small and medium-sized micro manufacturing enterprises need pledge steel supply chain financing needs, there are college students and blue collar crowd installments consumer electronic products or consumer demand for second-hand car, the other life.


can be said, through really Bao Rong unique asset allocation model, on the one hand solves the vicious circle of idle funds, on the other hand, guide capital into the real economy needs most. Both realize the 2C end of the risk of diversification of investment users may also achieve the 2B side of the real economy of the service industry.


whether is Li Yinan quickly push Wu Yanan founded really Rong Bao process or Wu Yanan and from Baidu Li Qiang teamed up to start really Bao Rong of unique metal interconnect model and development path planning or today is really Bao Rong in mutual gold tide "stick up for investors to make money, the service of the real economy, these are worthy of analysis, some kind of meaning, which is mutual fund industry in a microcosm of the development process of China.

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