Immigration to Canada more health and longevity? The data show that immigrant mortality is 60% lower than that of local people

Data immigration Canada longevity

didawang· 2017-03-17 22:07:52

ticking network news many people emigrated to Canada, because there is a good natural environment, social stability, health and welfare conditions, high levels of education, abandon all home to Canada to start, for themselves and their children to pursue high quality and high standard of living. A recent study from another point of view, once again confirmed that Immigration Canada is right.

"Toronto star" reported that the Institute of clinical assessment (ICES) and the University of Toronto new joint research shows that immigrants, including the poor living conditions of immigrants, for a period of time the mortality rate is 60% lower than that of local residents and long-term mortality. The

mortality rate is usually the number of deaths in a specified period of time among 1000 people, the death rate of the population. The study found that during the 10 year period of 2002~2012, the overall population death rate of migrant population was less than that of other populations, and the number of premature deaths was less than that of other populations by 18 thousand and 400 (). Rossila, author of the study, a large number of epidemiologists (Rosella), said the large number of gaps, so researchers are also surprised.

researchers according to multiple population database, Ontario registered office (ORG) and death files, census records and immigrant population, long-term residents of different social economic class immigrants, local people and before 1985 to increase the mortality of the 10 year period, a total of 934765 ORG registered deaths, including the death of female immigrant population of 19501, the population of 20514 male migrants died. The

study also found that the number of immigrants living in low-income regions was higher than that of long-term residents living in low income areas, including female migrants and long-term residents respectively 29.5% and 24%, the proportion of males were 32.4% and 23%. Rossila said that the economic conditions that immigrants, the greater the suffering of the spirit, the death rate should be the highest, the result is the opposite. On the other hand, the immigrant population, regardless of the status of immigrants, living in the poor areas of poverty is still the highest death rate. But immigrants, including poor socioeconomic conditions, are healthier than others.

healthy immigrant effect

Rossila believes that part of the reason for this phenomenon is the new immigrants more than the local health, because the existing immigration system only accept health and strong ability to adapt to immigrants, even in the lowest socioeconomic, family and community support is still strong. But after a period of time, the health of their own and future generations will decline. The

study also found that the average age at death was 6 years younger than the local population and long-term residents, despite low emigration rates. This may be because the majority of immigrants are in the middle of the period of extra time, the overall population is younger than the long-term population. This is similar to the high school students and the elderly mortality rate comparison, the average age of death in high school students is certainly lower than the average age of death. The

study also showed that compared to female immigrants, the mortality rate of male immigrants was slightly higher than that of the local population. The study says that this may be due to the fact that female migrants are facing long-term obstacles to access to primary health care services. Another finding is that long-term residents can avoid premature death and death index declined significantly, while young and immigrants can avoid death index decline is unlikely, Rossila said, this may be due to long-term residents can enjoy more medical service of preventive health services.

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