This time iPhone is really fried!

IPhone example just screen

xinzhipai· 2017-03-18 07:40:38

since last year mobile phone explosion news, so many consumers are more concerned about the safety of mobile phone, recently the online exposure of iPhone6s plus with spontaneous combustion fire again attracted everyone's attention, because the whole process have been shot down!

" recently Australia a iPhone 6S Plus users, because the screen rupture and battery life problems, will be sent to the mobile phone repair station maintenance. Since the maintenance point has a monitoring equipment, so the whole process of recording the accident, the beginning of the maintenance staff may look at the following mobile phone.

to the next scene so unexpected, when the clerk prepared for users of iPhone6s plus do further examination, mobile phone suddenly without warning the smoke of spontaneous combustion, the maintenance staff will immediately scare the mobile phone owner also scared away, back several steps.

if we have doubts, then we look at the spontaneous combustion process from another perspective, it should be clear enough.

's later use the fire extinguisher to further prevent the spontaneous combustion of the iPhone6s Plus, if not in time to stop it, the situation is very dangerous.

to look after the horrors of spontaneous combustion, the internal mobile phone can be said to be all burned, the battery is burned for this apple has not too horrible to look at, to make any response, as for this iPhone6s plus why suddenly smoke, cause to be investigated.

how do you see this matter?

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