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"do not understand English, you may not even take the lead in. "In March 14th, the netizen said rebellion, Sichuan foreign language university a little brother with English delivery to the information he received. The message will be issued a hot topic, users can not help but sigh: after not understand English can't live! Reporters after repeated inquiry, finally made contact with the go by. This year, 18 year old high school did not graduate, he has a much richer experience than his peers, he is preparing for the second half of this year by self admitted to the Sichuan foreign language university. At the same time, he had a much greater dream of becoming a simultaneous interpreter. (from: upstream News - Chongqing Morning News)

"Hello, your phone was power off…" 14 days, a total English SMS screenshot on the Internet go red, SMS is Sichuan foreign language university a student with little brother exchange room the content, because the student mobile phone off, then delivery brother informed via SMS, SMS content is all english. It makes students feel very strange: don't go by Sichuan has the popularity of English? Pictures on the Internet caused a lot of attention. "Good! Go by sichuan. Many users have praised the little brother in the online takeaway point. (from: upstream News - Chongqing Morning News)

" the takeaway little brother called Mao Zhaomu, in January this year, just over 18 years old, Chongqing Bishan people. In an interview with reporters, he looked a little surprised: "just wanted to practise my English, think outside the students must have English …" start from junior high school, Mao Zhaomu serious side branches, Chinese and English fairly good results, but the mathematical achievement but failed each time. After entering high school, Mao Zhaomu partial branch more serious. In March last year, and the high school English teacher a long after he officially drop out but also set their own goals: from sichuan. (from: upstream News - Chongqing Morning News)

hair Zhaomu responsible for room area is located in the top part of Sichuan, the motorcycle can not reach the dormitory, had to walk through to go, and this is precisely become not riding a motorcycle Zhaomu hair advantage. A few hours a day during the peak meal, the average delivery of more than and 60 cents. Mao Zhaomu introduced, after dropping out of school with the help of relatives, he worked as a barber in the barber shop, to study in Guiyang decoration, but can not do much time, because he still wants to learn english. (from: upstream News - Chongqing Morning News)

" in September last year, Mao Zhaomu returned to Chongqing, the day in Guanyin Bridge part-time delivery, evening to the bar. "Although wages are not high, but in the bar can communicate with foreigners. Mao Zhaomu introduction, as long as he is free to join a variety of online English exchange group, and therefore to get to know a u.s.. "He taught me how to learn english. "Mao Zhaomu open mobile phone QQ, and pulls out a man named" Faith "American netizen chats, often use English to write small articles of Mao Zhaomu, let Faith as its guiding grammar. (from: upstream News - Chongqing Morning News)

" at the beginning of March this year, Mao Zhaomu resigned from the bar and delivery work, to Sichuan foreign language university rented a house, hoping to find a job after delivery, ready at the same time the second half of the adult college entrance examination this year. "The landlord listened to my story, I will introduce to the hillside Pavilion work Tofu pudding. "Mao Zhaomu hurried to the table, a room at work to let him tired. The restaurant owner gave him a salary of 2200 yuan a month and Baochibaozhu treatment, such treatment for hair Zhaomu very satisfied, after every meal can see Mao Zhaomu in the campus room busy figure. (from: upstream News - Chongqing Morning News)

hair Zhaomu industrious and worked hard the restaurant boss certainly Mr. Gao, in his view of Mao called wood compared to their peers more mature, it is also one of the reasons he is willing to leave the hair Zhaomu. Today, he has been preparing for the second half of the examination of adult self examination, every afternoon he will review the English books, he hopes to be able to enter the International English communication related professional. "This" College English listening "was picked up at school. "The book was picked up, and it was full of notes. (reporter Fu Lingchang photo ray) (from: upstream News - Chongqing Morning News)

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