Millet 6 released time exposure: bursting price

Millet large cost-effective time

qudongzhijia· 2017-03-18 17:25:13

millet accumulated a lot of new blockbuster, which contains a lot of people expect millet phone 6, and it will be released in the end?

is now the latest news shows, millet new conference held in may April 11th, the protagonist is millet 6, millet is expected to have 6 Plus debut, in fact, now millet has been stepping up stocking.

" in the latest news exposure also emphasized that the new millet 6 will be equipped with a full version of the blood snapdragon processor 835, and the price is 1999 yuan (2499 yuan Plus), so the cost is simply bursting, while the two version there is a significant difference in the screen size and camera.

said, millet 6 is equipped with a 5.15 inch screen, while the Plus is equipped with 5.7 inches OLED screen, using the dual camera design, the sensor is IMX362, while the former is equipped with SONY IMX400 public version of sensor, let a person look abnormal.

is worth mentioning is that millet 6 will have ceramic version, configuration is 4GB RAM+32GB ROM (64GB high version storage), the built-in battery is 3200mAh, and millet 6 Plus will be started 4GB RAM+64GB ROM storage combination (high version is 6GB RAM+128GB ROM).

millet in the end is not released in April 11th 6, we wait and see.

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