Apple Store applications only support iOS 10 system

IOS apple system

weifengwang· 2017-03-18 22:49:40

Wei Feng network news, an update of mobile shopping application Apple Store's own long ago, then according to the updated documents show that this update contains only some performance improvement and optimization. However, according to foreign media reports, Apple Store applications now only support iOS 10 or update the system.

" if you had been in the non iOS 10 devices to download Apple Store application, so now open this application you may receive an error message alert. Similarly, if you try to download this application in a non iOS 10 device, you will receive a similar upgrade request to upgrade to iOS 10.

Apple Store application allows you to buy the latest Apple products and accessories in a more personalized way. It can also be based on your Apple products have been recommended, and to understand what accessories are compatible with your device. In addition, you can also use this application for the upcoming lectures or activities reserved position.

is worth mentioning is that iOS 11 may only support 64 bit applications, because in the upcoming iOS 10.3 software update includes a rewrite of the tips, and remind you to open the old version of the application, the 32 applications will not in future versions of iOS.

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