Avoid waste: Beijing Tiantan install "face recognition toilet paper machine"

Beijing Tiantan paper machine face

ITzhijia· 2017-03-18 22:49:43

once, in order to facilitate visitors to the toilet, even if the Tiantan park is facing toilet paper was packed away, to discourage the reality of the white eye, but also for the Iraqi people get wasted, said toilet paper will not be broken.

" but today know who understand that people in Tiantan Park silence did not idle, this is not, this few days quietly launched the "brush face out of toilet paper" equipment. Although

does not get angry, people park management office is not Hello Kitty Na, to know together under study this new.

they are, in the north gate of Tiantan Park, west gate two public toilets quietly on the line a few "black box" - men, women's entrance to the new installation of several square machine.

Tiantan Park relevant person in charge, at present the whole son of Tiantan were installed 6 sets of face recognition toilet paper machine, respectively, in the north gate, South Gate, west gate three public toilets.

's the two black box is, next to the white propaganda paper is written instructions for use.

know that you see in the west gate of the public toilets in the park, some people do not pay attention to the toilet after the machine.

"what is this? After a few tourists raised questions, one side of the staff guidance, said to be standing in a specific identification area, through the screen to identify the face, then the lower part of the machine will automatically out of paper, paper length of about 60 cm.

is a fashion's aunt took off his hat, glasses, on the screen in front of stand after a few seconds, the bottom of the machine slowly out of paper.

off "eye brush face"

" out of paper!

however, the onlookers know Jun also found that due to the operation is not skilled, with an average of about half a minute for each visitor. Compared to the ordinary pumping equipment, time stretch.

, however, compared with the west gate public toilets dilute 22 of the crowd, people flocked to the north gate of public toilets, the new machine has encountered problems, placed in the hall of the two new machines have been abandoned.

said a staff member, yesterday after installation, several people stood in a few minutes before, can not identify the paper. So, today, back to the manual pumping equipment.

just on the line is not easy to use? Can not be happy to take paper brush face?

in fact, people are still in the pilot ~ Tiantan park official said, when the pilot was about half a month, during the park management office to arrange special instructions. If there is any problem, the machine will communicate with the manufacturer in order to achieve the ideal state.

after the end of the pilot, such as public visitors to reflect good, then the park to promote the use of; if not convenient, then seek other ways to try.

would you like to brush the face of paper?

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