Who is making fake entertainment?

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zhongguojingjiwang· 2017-03-19 02:36:33

this year, false hits, false false ratings, box office, fake Baidu index, fake micro-blog to praise … … plus false face, false height, we do not know how it is the brightest announced "I surrounded by red!" "fake star", it will dump you face hundreds of millions of Chinese I love the data. It is not as good as the letter of the various entertainment data, believe that the world around".

in the March 15th National Day holiday, data published by a group of AI diffuse star "Navy list", from the Navy, "accounted for the most dedicated navy" Navy ", a single injection of water" reveals the network reds, micro-blog real heat meat. The exposure of false sentiment, false star, and caused passers-by hot and tear forced fans.

" Ai diffuse data definition "Navy", is the inherent social platform 24 hours on the release of star information on more than 20 times the user. Data show that some of the stars "Navy" the number has more than 1/10 of the total.

however, should not be considered that all the money is doing the Navy occupation post, which should have love spell data fans tap water. However, no matter what kind of data, these stars have obviously been contaminated, can not reflect the true popularity of artists.

"the most dedicated navy" list, accounting for less than 5% of users, contributed 95% of the volume of social networking platform. TFBOYS member Wang Junkai, a single day with less than more than and 400 suspicious ID, brush out more than 170 thousand of the amount of discussion. The news

" part of the individual users far more than the normal human users, the average single user information up to star half a month to about 2 thousand, equal to one day will send 134 star information, shame ah Jun hard candy.

", click on the box office, false false false sentiment, only water is really hard candy

Jun often see unheard of star micro-blog, Baidu index to a comment by guards. Whenever this time, candy Jun will fall into the deep self doubt - I am old? I don't know such a fire star, I not only know Cai Guoqing has become my mother!

but had prohibited micro-blog buy like a series of events and the exposure of fresh star, let you surprised and hard candy happy. Surprised this water ratio is too high, I am actually not pleased OUT.

universal data fraud to be low cost, simple operation, as long as the customer service at home and exchange a few words, set the data and price, can also help you try to brush a few million data, test results, with you again.

" in: Taobao trading, specialized company is more professional work ".

had to "reward" "micro-blog is not alone: please pay" Navy company transparent media, which raised nearly 5000 people covering micro-blog, WeChat, Navy, watercress, known as the whole network resources, service number of movies, television dramas and popular artists.

said, originally working for others doing marketing with founder Xu Weidong, because the business needs to set up a 300 person team of Navy, later found that external demand is very strong, so the Navy formally established venture company.

although the Navy market prosperity and development, the stars are so popular bursting ", but the individual monthly income of navy is hovering at one thousand yuan, also has to work late, often be titles, brush the comments not screenshots to leadership inspection was deleted, when unscrupulous bosses ran a group to disband wait, is the heart tired. No wonder

encountered checkout of the party, the navy so enraged. In the "solitary Fang navy" incident, the boss Xu Weidong lit in the circle of friends drying out "no" reward alone do not pay Navy official blog has become a large collection of micro-blog site screenshots, and read: "also have dignity.

who is making fake entertainment

also similar to the Internet, fans of natural and economic data is closely linked. Not only the producers and businesses should make decisions based on big data, fans are already convinced of their own love beans spare no effort of manufacturing data presence. Why

data become so important? This analogy may not be appropriate, when you are in Xu Weizhou, Huang Jingyu, Feng Jianyu, Xu Haiqiao … … choose new Shanxi in fresh meat is better than Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun or Deng Chao more difficult?

focus culture era, on one hand there is less and less a star; on the other hand fan popularity into selling the popular idol type speed at a constant speed. Precise target users, fans effect is particularly important, and it all depends on the analysis of the various data.

but if the data on the Internet popularity, we will find the world so subversive. You can't even remember what a star's face looks like. This year, with several hit the big IP+ small meat film crashed, once again raised the industry's thinking, what can represent the real "popularity" is what?

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