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ITzhijia· 2017-03-19 05:05:12

It seems that Nintendo

network will be part of the function of Switch hidden, only for internal use, Reddit Pastuann water friends recently received repair of Switch, when he noticed that although the boot after the account after landing, but the game data is gone, to know the Switch archive is stored locally, not free the transmission, so he wanted to open to see their "Zelda: Wilderness" is not to play again.

when the Patsuann point to open the game interface in the main interface of the game next to the name, there is a small cloud download symbols. Then click on the run and found out a dialog box, some of the necessary data is not found, you need to download now." Then, after the download was completed, he found that the archive was back in the host, and he recorded the video record.

Nintendo now has not officially announced support for cloud archiving, but apparently have the technical conditions, but do not yet know whether this function is designed for repairing machine open, or can be spread, foreign media also to the Nintendo consulting, looking forward to the follow-up response.

repair Switch cloud Download Archive:

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