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overcapacity, low barriers to entry and competition is low, the moral bottom line of these companies simply can not control the uncertainty, will let the public bicycle industry early in a disorderly and helpless mire.

/ Wu Xiaobo

this week, the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission interviewed a number of centralized shared bicycle company, communication issues, at the same time to inform you, too high enthusiasm of the students to serve the public, Shanghai city business development cycle sharing more than 30 enterprises, the central city of has 450 thousand bike sharing a, saturated, please consider running in remote areas.

is also in this week, a bicycle on the bike sharing in the Zhejiang University campus, and announced 9.9 yuan package for one semester, and the company shares of Alibaba is announced by Alipay, as long as the credit score can free ride; or in the

this week, all kinds of friends sharing photos by a random brush single frequency stop, destroy and dismember the circle, one being completely playing the bad "gay" scene;

" is still in this week, some people questioned the bike sharing profit model may be "financial", is said to have nearly four billion funds lock in each company's account;

at the end of this week, Google released a short video; artificial intelligence research and development of bicycle it officially took to the streets, the car No need to ride, you can automatically reach the designated location.


bike sharing is the only bright spot in the 2016 TMT field, but now it seems, it is likely to be a cold joke. This "bicycle revolution" by

and ofo Mobell started, in fact, Never mind half dime and "sharing", it is not on the activation of stock of social resources, it is impossible to bring about the so-called social value, you may now need to re think its benefit by mutual discussion, for a new name.

is one of the most essential Internet economy competition mode, is the leading and cognitive environment all, which is why the United States mission, reviews and drops and other companies why frequent subsidies Shazhao , but in the bicycle market environment, not only may be more likely to take, thoroughly corrupt competition order caused by the low cost of entry.

to see the destruction of the photos circulated on the Internet, my intuition is not this session of the people can not, and vaguely believe that this is the result of the initiative to undermine their peers. in the past thirty years, household appliances, beverage and Internet cafes on the market to fight the bloodshed has never broken off. If one day, see the bicycle company employees on street assault, blaming each other, I would not be surprised.

" is even more doubtful, public bicycle service and signs in Europe, my hometown Hangzhou is first introduced into the model of the city, its essence is a non-profit public service. When so many greedy gambling in the venture capital, the beginning of the heart twisted mode has become a grotesque, hopeless mud.


more than half a year ago, there was a famous investor excitement to my interpretation of sharing bicycle profit model, he just grabbed a bicycle company investment share, it is said to be a head breaking the spectacular scenes.

a bike on the market, if you can bind ten users, deposit income is 2000 yuan, and the cost will be more and more low, from the financial model, this is a very impressive business cash flow. If his introduction is true, then to the city on a bicycle, is actually a Xichu machine on the flow of the bicycle company will sooner or later "transformation" for the financial leasing company.

in the last month, I also asked a Mobell investment venture capitalist "Wu Xiaobo channel" video, listen again read cycling mode. In his reasoning, v-mobile is a Hard Suits Inc, the cycling competition will eventually return to the manufacturing cost and technical performance of the competition.

investors in the abacus, and the industry is strongly associated with the data, perhaps the production costs, maintenance costs, the daily ride rate, the number of cycles and the amount of the deposit to the saturated boundary.

but now it seems, a greater impact on the development of the industry is that external factors, such as between overcapacity, low barriers to entry and competitors moral bottom line is low, these companies simply can not control the uncertainty, will make the industry early fall into disorder and helpless mire.

" the only possible salvation, the local government launched into the franchise system, let the orderly competition, and then seek symbiosis and sustainable development. if so, the policy of rent-seeking and expansion bottlenecks will emerge as a new problem.

but even so, the profit model of public bicycle is still a great challenge.

a year since the bicycle craze, the prosperity and chaos, seems to presage the decline of the Internet business innovation model, the IT tool has become more and more popular and free today, lack of innovation and core content of technical support have been signs of danger appearing everywhere.

may be in the near future

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