Behind the purchase of Beijing upgrade: fold up 15.6%


caixinwang· 2017-03-19 05:07:28

" [Caixin] (reporter Wu Hongyu ran) about 4 points in the afternoon of March 17th, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee issued an upgraded version of the purchase of the policy, slightly earlier than the market expected.

after the end of the Spring Festival, the second-hand housing transactions in the property market in Beijing rapid warming, the volume and price soar, also caused the social public about the school district room, whether it is still worthwhile to stay in Beijing and other topics discussed.

as the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee in March 17, 2017, nearly a month, second-hand housing market price rebound, the amount of customers showings intermediary stores also increased significantly, people purchase enthusiasm and rising signs. According to market estimates, Beijing second-hand housing market accounted for nearly 85%.

panic in the market sentiment is more serious. "According to the new financial reporter obtained from the chain of home sources of information, after the Spring Festival in 2017, Beijing second-hand housing market appeared in volume and price situation, some indexes close to 2016" 9· "; 30 before the market regulation policies level, weekly average volume of more than 4000 sets of February Beijing second-hand housing prices rose 4.6%. The average price per square meter in more than 70 thousand yuan.

China real estate industry association released data show that housing prices in Beijing (New) for 17 consecutive months rose, since October 2016 the regulation of open, Beijing average house prices from 52 thousand and 500 yuan / square, rose to 60 thousand and 700 yuan / February 2017, 2 or 15.6%, the real price rose 4.49%.

from the beginning of March, the chain has no longer disclose the daily turnover and transaction price data in Beijing.

bank credit data also showed that mortgage loan growth did not appear significant decline. As of the end of 1 in 2017, Beijing RMB household loans balance of $1 trillion and 455 billion 780 million, an increase of $41 billion 90 million, an increase of more than $16 billion 630 million, an increase of more than 21 billion 550 million.

Beijing "3· 17" property market has the main points of the three: "recognize the housing and credit", improve the proportion of down payment of two suites, shorten the number of mortgage loans. ("Beijing express new network regulation upgrade: two suites Shoufu ratio to 60% and the" housing and credit recognition "

") according to the chain of home of Beijing in April 2013 had issued a housing and credit recognition policy, the end of Beijing for 13 consecutive months the market upward trend, the price of 2.1% in the fall, then increase over the previous narrow, until the end of 2013 liquidity tightening, appeared in the volume for the past 10 months to shrink, prices began to substantial callback. For example, in September 2014 the average price of second-hand housing fell 12.8% compared with May.

the new financial reporter from the supervision department learned that Beijing's upgrade regulatory policy background to the 2017 revision of the "government work report" will be "hot city to curb housing prices rising too fast increase in.

in March 17th, the new office of the conference, the government work report drafting group members, deputy director of the State Council Research Office Han Wenxiu also stressed that the main responsibility for the implementation of local government regulation of real estate. Housing prices rose more, the pressure of the city should assume the responsibility to prevent excessive price increases, including to increase the supply of land, take appropriate measures to control the financial and taxation aspects, the effective supervision of the intermediary, market transactions, etc..

according to the new financial reports, according to the October 2016 market regulation deployment, decision-making on the current real estate market key opinion has three points: 16 hot city to prevent prices rising too fast; non residential housing, the three or four line of the city, the central and western regions still have to maintain the vitality, to prevent financial asset inventory; risk, ensure safety.

decision-makers worry about runaway prices, endangering the economic situation. A government official told the new financial reporter said that in October 2016, the relevant meeting, the decision-making level has been very specific and clear: hot city prices do not rise, to a reasonable return, decline. Around November 7, 2016, once again asked the policy makers to control the trend of rising prices, asking prices in November should not be higher than the level of the year in October, if you go up, do not talk directly to the local government accountability. -

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