Shun Oguri loves to be so fat? Get married 4 years aunt

Aunt Shun Oguri married love

wangyiyule· 2017-03-19 07:54:45

Shun Oguri a double chin fat old married 4 years from

Shun Oguri a double chin fat old married 4 years from supermodel

NetEase in March 19 variable aunt entertainment daily Road, according to Taiwan media reports, Japan's 34 year old female model Miho Tanaka served as the magazine "non-NO" for 12 years the chief models, mostly to the hair person she welcomed because the image of the sun, 2007 has also been linked with Shun Oguri. She married former striker inamoto in 2012, after they rarely exposure; did not think she was recently invited on the show, body changes let users look silly.

is in the noon! "The 10 day broadcast of the program, years ago moved to Hokkaido, Miho Tanaka appeared, and the future, Sichuan seven are doing outfit showdown, share their experience accumulated from model of outfit operation. However, the audience also discovered that she suspected happiness fertilizer, married for 4 years, Miho Tanaka, was turned round, and double chin, the whole people than before a large number, by users but also Mengpi tongue, there are fans that are now too thin too many artists, now Tanaka is the standard body material.

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