Well-known gaming commentary Miss star Wang Sicong: this wave of the eyes

Wang Sicong gaming star photo

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by gaming balsam pear miss Mar.172017

Miss's popularity is that leverage, their programmes ranked journals are early breaking 100 million hits, is nicknamed "the queen of gaming". Many woman go live this way and also hope to miss Miss as successful, of course miss Miss today's success is also relying on their own efforts, only a short while ago is a woman to go to Beijing, also had a dream eSports didn't have enough to eat, today's success is also is a necessity!

today, miss Miss can say is not only in the live circle famous, and even to the development of the entertainment pace! Look at the photo miss Miss and these big stars, think of miss Miss now in the entertainment circle is divided into minutes. Xiaobian inventory of the wave strength posed a big star, the big Jay Chou, as the last one, can only be used on

Jay Chou

Wang Sicong

(King of the president of this wave of eyes is afraid to trouble Oh, this wave can capture it out!) said, miss Miss know Mr. Wang this wave eyes mean?

Guo Degang

Guo Degang, Keke, Guo That did not have to say, this expression, bright!


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