Domestic game manufacturers will be joint Activision Blizzard development call of duty Tour

Domestic Blizzard hand travel manufacturers

wangyiyouxi· 2017-03-19 21:01:09

has developed Mobile Games "kings of war" domestic manufacturers Beijing star has been announced, and Activision reached a cooperation agreement to jointly develop the "call of duty" IP mobile phone game development and distribution.

publishing and media Limited by Share Ltd in the world Chinese's official website, we can also find this notice:

" it is worth noting that, according to the announcement, the Chilean star pass without paying Activision copyright gold, and Activision Blizzard will star through sharing together new game development and promotion expenses, and both sides of the channel after the water into a ratio of 50%.

"call of duty" has launched a variety of mobile phone games, including the Zombie mode shooting has Mobile Games, strategy game "call of duty" and "call of duty commando hero", the domestic manufacturers to develop the "call of duty" Mobile Games exactly is what kind of, and the game player to be on the test after.

"call of duty commando"

Source: Chinese world publishing media Limited by Share Ltd

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