Testing: are you a insecure person?

Testing security Z

banjiu· 2017-03-19 22:16:09

"everyone will have danger when threatened, both children and adults, women and men. In this situation there will be an attachment, that is, to return to the place where Ta has always felt safe. "

- psychologists Bowlby

attachment is closely related to our sense of security, it will accompany our life.

it is a deep and long-term link between human and human emotions, and it is also a bridge for individuals to explore the outside world.

who makes you feel most secure? Do you feel safe or anxious in a

relationship? How does

make you more comfortable when you get along with others? The

test may help you at

'your attachment assessment

long press the QR code or click on the to read the original started testing

: may we have the courage to face their own, sincere.

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