Sun Libai is the secret of Deng Chao beach hair face Meng force

Deng Chao Sun Li

wangyiyule· 2017-03-20 06:45:39

entertainment NetEase reported on March 20th on the evening of 19, Deng Chao micro-blog and Sun Li exposure update daily conversation, said: "I asked the wife why so white, because she said when the afternoon sea breeze blowing in the sea, and the three layer of skin, then … … so white. "

Deng Chao micro-blog issued after still not forget to grab the sofa, wrote:" when I was a child also blew a sea breeze, cun. "More drying out of the dark side of the photos of the doubts of the interaction," why did I blow the wind all afternoon?

this source: NetEase entertainment responsibility editor: Song Yuxin _NK6612


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