Before the first atomic bomb, the horse broke into the test area.

Atomic bomb general masking nuclear base

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, deputy chief of general staff of the Chinese people's Liberation Army as the commander of the test field, Zhang Aiping, is busy directing. At this time, an unexpected secret intelligence of the urgent sent his hands on: the scout found, a team of one or two hundred variegated, suddenly appeared in a long ban control trial near blasting area and surreptitiously to blasting area near. < p > (original title: before the explosion of the first atomic bomb "accident": Horse bandits broke into the trial blasting area)

1964 in October 13, the Lop Nur, the sky was pale, the vast uninhabited desert, only the cool breeze fanned with layers of sand waves, from time to time to high stands of the atomic bomb carrier Chung.

, deputy chief of general staff of the Chinese people's Liberation Army as the commander of the test field, Zhang Aiping, is busy directing. At this time, an unexpected secret intelligence of the urgent sent his hands on: the scout found, a team of one or two hundred variegated, suddenly appeared in a long ban control trial near blasting area and surreptitiously to blasting area near. There is a set of intelligence reconnaissance aircraft from 800 meters high altitude photographs taken. General to open a look, could not help but stunned, the vast expanse of the desert, a pile of not burn dead wood, a fire and smoke; some horseshoe marks and artificial chiseled out of the deep pit, legible & hellip; & hellip; < "is not good, accident! "A shock in Zhang Aiping's mind, without careful consideration, grabbed the phone issued an urgent order:" immediately investigate! "

time is divided into the past, the various teams almost looked around the entire atomic bomb is scheduled to hit the area, the results did not find any. Nuclear base of all aspects of the experts to study the meeting, agreed that the initiation time can not be changed, should be sent to Gobi, before the initiation of the person rescued. Premier Zhou Enlai after listening to the report of Zhang Aiping also instructions: here must not be the second Hiroshima!

"to expand the scope of the search to the radiation area, we must find a mysterious crowd! "Zhang Aiping and a private desperation, he nerves, eyes were fixed on the distant Desert & hellip; & hellip; < reconnaissance aircraft once again into the sky, several teams carry radio, dry food and water, desert of advancing to the wider.

this group of people in the end where? Tired and exhausted all questions, determined to get to the bottom. Finally, which a small detachment in No. 3 target zone accidentally found a broken tent top, around messy littered with some sticks and the breakage of the scabbard.

released quickly to report this to the test field headquarters, at the same time, the aircraft will soon be back to the evidence. Experts analysis that this group of people is very likely already disappeared "horse bandits". The atmosphere at the scene immediately solemn: don't Ma Bufang, Ma Hongkui army in the year, really like the local people say, still remain in the vast Gobi desert? < p > at the same time, patrolling in the nuclear field shelters Guard soldiers, unexpectedly found in the desert a man and a woman is riding a horse in pursuit of the Mongolian gazelle. The guard soldiers mistakenly broke into the nuclear area immediately went to the herdsmen, catch up, keep them away from the nuclear test area, so as to avoid injury.

who knows, two people saw the soldiers drove chase, he galloped away. When a guard at the dunes, lying in the more than and 10 men suddenly appeared on top of dune. They were dressed in rags, and their faces were dirty, and they were like a tent.

captain busy with gestures to inform everyone to prepare for battle. Unexpectedly, this action angered the gunmen, the leader of a rush to them. Under the emergency, the captain ordered to shoot each other, the leader was killed on the spot, seeing the people fled to the rest. < p > everyone just want to flush up, did not think of to hide in the sand dunes in another group of criminals and they rushed toward to come over, the big dead companion vengeance potential. The gunfire rang, the bandits had to flee.

brought back the captive of a trial, so Zhang Aiping was shocked. < originally, autumn in 1949, with the victory of the battle of Lanzhou, the people's Liberation Army blitzed westward, rapid liberation in Qinghai Province, the Hexi Corridor, to advance in Xinjiang. In our powerful deterrent, "horse bandits" cannot withstand a single blow away in succession. Some small canfei escape, had fled to the Gobi desert. < p > the group fled to the atomic bomb test area "horse bandits", is that year from Xinjiang Loulan and Gansu Jiuquan area into the desert, of which there are five or six women. Over the past decade, they cut off contact with the outside world, blindly wandering in the vast desert, a wild and savage life. They survive under the conditions of ordinary people can not survive, and began to reproduce. Finally one day, they wander into atomic bomb zone. When this group of "horse bandits" to see the depths of the desert tall tower, know that it is an unusual place. So on the roundabout in the vicinity of the day fled far, hiding in the desert, the evening came out to find food, and even to the radiation area to find the test animals placed in our army. For a long time, they will be assured in the home, going to stay.

looked at the prisoner frightened look, Zhang Aiping sighed. The war has ended more than and 10 years, this group of "horse bandits" also had been due to the lessons. He inquired about it "horse bandits" lair, command teams rushed there, all the staff are brought out.

in the tent, fenduichang sincerely tell each other, there will be a nuclear test tomorrow. The army accepted my advice, but the retreat in the opposite direction. In order to show sincerity, we agree to the request for instructions. One day after the March, they were terribly fatigued, base has finally sent a helicopter and car. Whether it is a small unit or a horse bandits, are a cheer. To solve the "

", people. On October 16 in the afternoon 3 when, the mushroom cloud in the land of mystery as scheduled launch, the great crash spread over the Lop Nur, also make the horse bandits "shockingly.

4 15 minutes, in the Zhongnanhai of Beijing, Zhou Enlai after listening to Zhang Aiping's report on the success of the atomic bomb explosion, the heart is very excited. He asked, "have you checked out? "

" has been verified! "

" good, good, the president and the comrades in Beijing know, will be very happy. "Zhou Enlai laughed, and then asked," did the group of mysterious people who reported the last report found? Find the "<" is a year lost in Lop Nur 'horse bandits', we have in the detonation front to they moved to a place of safety. Zhang Aiping said.

"good, good! Whether it is the Communist Party or the Kuomintang, we can not take people to do the test ah! "Zhou Enlai sighed with emotion. More than and 20 years after

, data decryption, the people of the world have praised China in the event of the humanitarian spirit. In American literature, the writing of the Chinese atomic bomb manufacturing "in one book, the author admired wrote:" base sent teams spent a total of 3 days, traveled to the test field area around 200 'horse bandits' hideout and turn it back to safety. "

1991, Xi'an Film Studio Shot reflect the legendary story of the movie One Flew over the impasse", on both sides of the Taiwan Straits caused a sensation.

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